Water & Sewerage in out island outsource

The Water and Sewerage Corporation (WSC) has signed a contract with Sun Island Transfers (SunCash) to collect Family Island customer payments and move them to New Providence.

Adrian Gibson, the Water & Sewerage Corporation’s chairman, and Barry Malcolm, chief operations officer for Sun Island Transfers, signed the two-year agreement during a brief ceremony at the corporation’s headquarters on Tuesday. The deal took effect as of yesterday.

“I anticipate us having a good relationship over the next two years as you assist the Water & Sewerage Corporation with its collection efforts and safely getting our monies to New Providence,” said Mr Gibson.

“This agreement will call for Sun Island Transfers to establish various outlets, which I believe they already have in place throughout the islands. These islands have the ability to pay Water & Sewerage Corporation bills. The agreement for us is quite fair.”

Sun Island Transfers will be responsible for staffing; security of license approvals; training; marketing and public relations strategies; collections; security; establishment of standard operating procedures; preserving and protecting client data; and client confidentiality.

Mr Gibson described the contract signing as a “momentous” occasion, and said he anticipates a long-standing relationship with Sun Island Transfers as a result of the Family Island payments collection outsourcing.

“As you are all aware, Royal Bank and Scotiabank pulled out of various islands, including Long Island. We have had persons concerned with cash, the collection, movement and storage of cash, given that circumstance,” he added.

Elwood Donaldson, the Water & Sewerage Corporation’s general manager, said all the technical issues have been resolved, and the service is tested and ready to run.

“Persons are able to pay starting tomorrow using the service. It is very beneficial to us. The issues in our southern islands and more remote islands in collecting cash - this will help the corporation in the long run going forward,” said Mr Donaldson.

Mr Malcolm said his company was “excited” to add the Water & Sewerage Corporation to the services that Sun Island Transfers/Sun Cash offers.

“Over the last year-and-a-half we have built an extensive network of services in the Family Islands particularly. We are in Nassau, Grand Bahama and Abaco in a big way, but for us the focus has been on getting in the Family Islands over the last year-and-a-half.”