Who can you trust? Know your consumer rights


Tribune Staff Reporter


OFFICIALS will focus on the theme “Trusted Smart Products” during World Consumer Rights Week.

An event series by the Consumer Protection Commission (CPC) began on Monday and includes a three-day exhibition at the Mall at Marathon.

“March 15th is celebrated as World Consumer Rights Day, a chance to deliver real impact for consumers and remind the world about the importance of observing and enforcing Consumer Rights,” CPC director Ricardo Deveaux said at Monday’s press conference.

“This year’s international theme is ‘Trusted Smart Products’. From smart phones and metres to wearable fitness trackers, voice-activated assistants, smart TVs and smart security systems, apps usage and privacy, many of the products we use are increasingly becoming connected by default.

“This year, World Consumer Rights Day will highlight what consumers want and need from a connected world, and how important it is to put them at the heart of the development of these digital products and services.”

Mr Deveaux, who also serves as chairman of World Consumer Rights Week, added: “We will continue to emphasise the importance of consumers having access to digital products and services that they can trust.”

CPC research officer Lavade Darling also discussed the importance of security at the press conference.

“The major concern as it relates to smart products is that they are connected by default – and that is their fault,” Mr Darling said.

“The concern is really about data security…The threat begins when a hacker hacks into your smart watch, because it doesn’t have the security mechanism of your smart phone.”

Mr Darling added because that watch is connected to over smart devices in the home, “it presents a possible security breach or security threat”.

“And that’s what the international movement is actually concerned about,” he said.