Davis: No corruption, this is pure vengeance


Tribune Staff Reporter


INTERIM Progressive Liberal Party Leader Phillip “Brave” Davis defended his party yesterday, saying it is “not a corrupt party” and “does not support corrupt practices.”

In a statement released Thursday, Mr Davis called on party supporters to remain strong in the face of what he sees as attacks on the PLP.

“We are not a corrupt organisation, we must remain strong, and we do not support corruption in any form,” Mr Davis said. “The events now before us are designed to sap the will of the PLP and to destroy the party. I urge you to stand strong and with God's help we will prevail.”

He accused the Free National Movement of being a party that focuses on “vengeance” once it assumes office, instead of focusing on stimulating the economy.

“. . . You see when you look back at what the FNM has done in all its previous terms in government, rather than concentrate on improving the economy and creating jobs for the country, they engage in victors’ justice and vengeance politics,” Mr Davis said.

“They dismiss people at the bottom of the ladder from their employment with the government, who are helpless and unable to fend for themselves. They utilise the power of the state to bring people before the courts and into police stations with little to show and often engendering hatred that lasts for a lifetime.

“I would have thought that they learned their lessons by now. Alas, the early signs are not good,” he added.

Since losing the May 10 general election, Mr Davis and other members of the PLP have frequently accused the Minnis administration of launching witch hunts against members of the Christie administration.

Prime Minister Dr Hubert Minnis has pledged to weed out corruption in all government ministries. Before the general election, Dr Minnis labelled former Prime Minister Perry Christie’s administration the “most corrupt, the most incompetent and the most victimising government since independence.”

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