US woman in arrest video believed to have suffered mental breakdown


A still from the video circulating social media.


Tribune Freeport Reporter

AN American woman who was seen violently resisting Bahamian authorities at the Grand Bahama International Airport in Freeport is believed to have suffered a mental breakdown.

The incident, which was posted on social media, shows the woman in hand restraints on the floor, rolling around and refusing to be led away by authorities.

According to reliable sources, the woman was a contract worker for a company which was employed by Carnival Conquest, which is in dry dock at the shipyard.

The Tribune understands the woman was provided an airline ticket to return to the United States. However, while at the airport the woman reportedly created a disturbance and was denied passage on board the aircraft.

Immigration and police officials were called to restrain and escort the woman from the airport. In the video posted on Whatsapp, the woman shouted repeatedly that she is an American and has rights while being led away by authorities.

She was eventually taken to the Rand Memorial Hospital for medical evaluation and treatment.

The woman's relatives were contacted and are expected to travel to Freeport this week to assist her in returning to the US.

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