Deluge! Nassau hit by flooding

After experiencing almost no rain during Hurricane Irma, Nassau was hit by a torrential downpour yesterday which flooded the streets and caused chaos on the roads.

Photos: Jamie "JTrain" Peterson


Well_mudda_take_sic says...

Headline to this article has it all wrong. Nassau **was not** hit by flooding. Nassau was hit by blocked storm water drains!

It seems our new government is no more competent than the previous one....and only slightly less corrupt given that Minnis and the FNM party appear beholden to the corrupt activities of the numbers bosses because of their unwillingness to do anything about the gaming web shops that are wreaking havoc on our economy.

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stillwaters says...

You're so right!!!! I am no longer affiliated with any party, PLP or FNM. I will help vote any party out that can't do the job. Bahamians deserve better.

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Islandboy242242 says...

Indeed mudda, one rain band that built up over Potter's Cay and poured rain for 30-40mins. I'd hate to see what would happen if we actually got real "flooding" rain. The rain we got yesterday shouldn't be wreaking the sort of havoc it did on businesses and vehicles...

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Sickened says...

How come none of our drains actually drain? We are third world! Only once in the last 15 years have I EVER seen anyone do maintenance on a drain. ONCE!!! But I bet you we have and are still paying someone hundreds of thousands a year to maintain them.

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ohdrap4 says...

the community where i live paid out of our own pockets to build 3 drains, we used a major contractor and paid nearly 40,000.

We pay some guys about $100 every year to clean the drain.

the drains have never failed and people stop by to ask who built the drain and why there is never any water in our corner.

the next corner's govt drain always has a puddle in it.

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stillwaters says...

People working in the government ministries like environmental, health, works, immigration, education, just sit all day in offices instead of being in the 'field' doing what needs to be done. Citizens have to call in to inform them about any problem in communities. Even then, it takes forever for somebody to actually get up and fix the problem. Same problem, different government, and NOTHING changes!!!!!! Make these employees get up and do some actual work for a change.

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stillwaters says...

The ministry responsible for drainage should be out there on some kind of rotation basis, always clearing drains. That wasn't any exceptional rain yesterday, to cause all that flooding.

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Well_mudda_take_sic says...

Can you just imagine the horrendous damages New Providence would sustain from major flooding if the Northwestern Bahamas took a direct hit from a large CAT 3+ hurricane like Irma with no hope of the flood waters draining away anytime soon because of clogged storm drains??!!

It is all too obvious that our new FNM government does not know the slightest thing about hurricane preparedness. Minnis probably does not even know which of his cabinet ministers has responsibility for periodically inspecting storm drains to ensure they remain free of debris, especially during hurricane season. We will not hear a word from Minnis or the responsible cabinet minister about this. Minnis is too busy with optics only and prefers hiding behind a press secretary; thus we, the people, are once again left to wonder whether we have a PM who is a true leader!

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sealice says...

Global Warming has higher tides overwhelming our drainage system .... all you need is high tide downtown and a good rain and everyting is flooded, from the old bridge to esso flooded....years of PLP maintenance and it all looks like Schit.... what an amazing coincidence??

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K4C says...

did the tides just rise in the Bahamas ?

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Islandboy242242 says...

Nassau was around a mid-tide on the way down during that rain yesterday afternoon. I don't think tide was the cause this time. People throwing garbage all over the street which then gets caught in the drainage and is not cleared along with living in a poorly planned concrete jungle probably had more to do with it.

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sealice says...

when it was pouring rain outside the sea level was close to all the docks east of the bridge

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Islandboy242242 says...

I guess we have a new "mean sea level" then. Maybe you're right :)

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sealice says...

the chart also shows that Low tide actually never happened this week - the low tides never went into the (-) they are all above zero

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Islandboy242242 says...

Seems like they use "mean lower low water" for that table. So if I understand correctly the lowest point is the average of low tides each day over a 19 year period. I guess we could simultaneously prove both our points if we conclude the low tides of the last 2 years have been higher than the average low tide over the other 17 yrs. I imagine this could also help to prove sea levels are rising worldwide if the low tide over a year long period doesn't get near the 19 year average. Either that or its just a seasonal difference :)

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sheeprunner12 says...

I trust that Minnis will evacuate them all to Cat Island asap .......... BOL

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gbgal says...

Some years ago high tides and heavy rain meant flooding all over the road in front of the Model Bakery and back gate of Nassau Motors! Does this still happen or are the drains meeting the challenge??

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Islandboy242242 says...

Still happens. Cars racing up and down the street also push the water into the surrounding buildings.

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BONEFISH says...

The Ministry of Works has consistently under performed in the maintenance on this island. They need to take some lessons from the department of works in the US city,where sister lives.

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TalRussell says...

Comrades! SOS goes out the missing from 'pre, during and post' Hurricane Irma activities - minister the environment? Once you locate the minister, tell him to appoint a 'Royal Commission of Inquiry Into Clogged Street Drains.'

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ThisIsOurs says...

Tal you may remember that my position on May 9th was that that individual should not be made a cabinet minister. I still hold the position and I am not surprised by his absence or his lack of do anything. What I am surprised at is that Dr Minnis, with all his resources, didn't know the little I know. Who vets these people? Note to Dr Minnis, a month to "regroup" won't change anything, that individual should not have a cabinet posting, least of all such a critical one.

I'm not sure what is happening in the country today. It was clear to everyone that the PLP was abysmal. But I'm really surprised that persons who so accurately rated and analyzed the failings of that administration are willing to excuse and so rabidly defend some of the very same things from the current administration.

If last week was an example of planning and preparation, we are doomed. The very first comment I made after the May 10th win was "*ok, hurricane season is coming, start preparing*". in fact, in coming to office so late in the season, you would have known that in the event of a win, you would have very little time to prepare so you would have come in with "something".

Last week we found out that even the simple simple things like tree trimming and drain cleaning weren't done. They hadn't even been checking in with the utility companies to find out about their state of readiness. None of that was done before last week's desperate scramble. One commenter here actually said that *asking for a hurricane plan by June was ridiculous*. I mean, who could have known that hurricane season was coming this year June to October? If the FNM supporters look to this as exemplary, only God's grace will save us from future crises.

Joseph planned seven years ahead for a famine, We need a "Joseph".

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Islandboy242242 says...

Yet everyone in the NEMA meeting said they were ready and on schedule :) Seems like no one wanted to admit to the boss that they might be behind the 8 ball a bit. Would hate to see what truths would come out if Nassau or another heavily populated island got a direct hit from Irma.

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TalRussell says...

Comrade ThisIsOurs, there are 5-red shirts crown crown cabinet ministers on my list - who can't be gone from cabinet too soon.

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ThisIsOurs says...

Hasn't this flooding happened before? I remember stories like this being covered on ZNS and interviews with shop owners downtown. But alas, "who could have known"

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ThisIsOurs says...

Note to Dr Minnis, 1.5 more months of hurricane season, and dis the active part. Time to do what wasn't done and plan for what could be. Personal reminder as well.

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