NPSA eager to resume regular season action


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IN the aftermath of Hurricane Irma, the New Providence Softball Association is eager to resume its 2017 regular season as they get prepared for the postseason and the race towards the Bahamas Softball Federation's National Round Robin Tournament.

NPSA president Henry Dean said they would resume play tonight with their regular scheduled games with a ladies' double header on tap in the Banker's Field at the Baillou Hills Sporting Complex.

However, he said that they intend to play those games postponed on Thursday and Saturday because of the passing of Hurricane Irma on Wednesday and Friday as they try to complete their season on time.

"We will pick up from where we left off," Dean said. "We have received word that the field has not been affected, so we will play games on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights.

"We have to make those games up because we have a men's game between the Truckers and BTC that was postponed on Thursday that we want to put in before the men's national team travel on Thursday. So we will play that on Wednesday."

Despite the rained out games, Dean said the season has been a relatively close one between the five teams in the ladies' division and the four in the men.

"The league is a little more balanced from last year, despite the fact that we have two less teams," he said. "The season has been very competitive and this has given us the opportunity to focus more on the development of the game and what is lacking and allow us to look at implementing some things that will improve the game."

Once the men's national team returns from the Dominican Republic at the end of the month, Dean said they will look at implementing a pitcher's clinic that will be conducted by national team coach Richard 'the Lion-Heart' Johnson.

In a few months, Dean said they will bring in a few pitchers from overseas to assist with a more sustained pitching clinic as they focus their immediate attention on developing a cadre of pitchers to filter into the night league programme.

With the men's national team travelling, Dean said they would stage a series of double headers over the next two weeks in the ladies' division.

"Once the national team returns, barring any further inclement weather, we will have one more week before we wind down our regular season," he said. "We will then have two weeks to play before the Nationals is held at the end of October.

"Our regular season will finish at the end of this month and then we will go right into the playoffs. Our first round will be the best-of-five and the championships will be the best-of-seven. If we have any further problems, then we will go with a best-of-three in the first round and best-of-five in the finals."

This week's schedule of games are as follows:


7pm - University of the Bahamas vs Platinum Sharks (L)

8:30pm - Lady Truckers vs Lady Hitters (M)


7pm - Lady Truckers vs Platinum Pool Sharks (L)

8:30pm - BTC Warriors vs Commando Truckers (M)


7pm - Lady Hitters vs Sunshine Auto Wildcats (L)

8:30pm - Lady Truckers vs Platinum Pool Sharks (L)


7pm - Sunshine Auto Wildcats vs UB (L)

8:30pm - Platinum Pool Sharks vs Lady Hitters (L)


7pm - UB vs Lady Truckers (L)

8:30pm - Sunshine Auto Wildcats vs Platinum Pool Sharks (L)

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