Ben Carson will not be attending event

IN the April 12 issue of The Tribune, it was reported that US Secretary of Housing and Urban Development Ben Carson was slated to be the international keynote speaker at the 2018 CEO Network Global Empowerment Conference.

That information came from event organisers. However, a statement to The Tribune from a communications official in Mr Carson’s office has indicated he will not be attending the conference.


John says...

So what happened with the $39,000 dining room table he was buying.

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ThisIsOurs says...

Hmm that's interesting.American Greed showcased a Saxophone player who ran an events scam, he would advertise events using names of certain celebrities. Near event kickoff he would say that so and so could not attend but the "celebrity" saxophone player could.

Events and conferences are the new money makers in the Bahamas. A well planned conference "can" be a good investment in self. Just examine what you will leave with at the end of the day, claims of "ability to network with key industry players" are usually overblown. What are you expecting? Fun? Knowledge? Prizes? A good outing? To be seen? If you get what you expect you're in a good place, so be clear on expectations and probability of attaining them.

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