Art of Graphix: Deisha really is the genie outside the bottle

By Deidre M Bastian

If you have never met a "genie outside of a bottle" I would say you have not met this brilliant and creative young lady who answers to the name Jerdeshia Moxey. This assertive gal does not own a magic wand, rub a bottle, nor does she pull rabbits from any of her many hats.

"Deisha", as she is lovingly called, is exceptionally talented as she has found a way to balance three and four artistic projects all at one time.

Her passion for art has risen above the norm and her talents impressively overpowering.

Where does her creativity and determination come from? She says it can only be God.

Even though this adventurous mother-of-one, might seem to need additional hours in her day due to her busy life style, humbly she has altered her schedule to talk to me about the one thing that she is passionate about.

When did you get your passion start for art and craft and what was your attraction?

My passion for art started from Junior High. I did a lot of paper mache and recycling projects to make cool crafts, turning something old into something new.

Were you good at art in school?


How do your clients view your creative inventions?

I am often told that they're very proud of me for having the vision and courage to be a creator. I am a rare breed. I've taken the road less travelled. I have dared to innovate. I was told a few time "do not give up Lil Moxey, you are going places - continue to follow your passion."

What is a typical day for you is like?

A typical day for me starts most of the time at 6:50am, giving God thanks for another chance on earth, motherly duties prepping for school/T-Ball or whatever occasion. Preparing for work, I often have to fulfil shampoo orders from my Tropical Hair Shampoo Line, sewing, backyard farming and fishing whenever the weather permits.

Do you think artists are born or created?

In my personal opinion I think artists a born, but it's up to the individual to find/notice their natural talent/gift.

Where do you look for creativity?

My creativity came from God genealogy.

Despite increased technology do you feel the artistic industry is growing or declining?

The artistic industry is growing. Artists have stepped out of their comfort zone and started to take risks and chances. (In my personal opinion)

Do you think people who love creating art are extroverts or introverts and if so, why?

I think both characters can be creative. But speaking from personal experience I consider myself to be extravert. Why you may ask? I can handle any situation that presents itself to me, I could get along with everyone, love building healthy and positive relationships based on trust and I'm very compassionate about others. (I treat people, the way I wish to be treated.)

Do you feel it's important to teach kids art at an early age?

Yes it is important to teach children art early and just talking creativity won't increase your child's chances of becoming the next Picasso. You're also helping him/her to develop mentally, socially and emotionally, says Ecklund-Flores. Creating art may boost young children's ability to analyse and problem-solve in myriad ways, according to Mary Ann F Kohl, author of Primary Art: It's the Process, Not the Product. As kids manipulate a paintbrush, their fine motor skills improve. By counting pieces and colours, they learn the basics of math.

When children experiment with materials, they dabble in science. Most important perhaps, when kids feel good while they are creating, art helps boost self-confidence. And children who feel able to experiment and to make mistakes feel free to invent new ways of thinking, which extends well beyond the craft room.

Do you prefer freelancing or working for a business?

Freelancing best describes me, I have the courage and a vision already set. In the next two years, I am definitely looking forward to be doing an artistic business full-time.

How would you describe your work?

I describe my work as dependable, passionate and unique in one pot. Being loyal to clients is the best part in everything. I focus my eyes on the prize and what I want to achieve.

What is your most fulfilling and unfulfilling moments when dealing with customers?

My most fulfilling moment is when I could captivate customers with my unique product. They also give me that satisfactory feeling when they would give me feedback on how good my product/service was. Honestly, I don't have unfulfilling moments; I look at every moment as a learning experience to improve product or service. (Blocking out the negative energy of others)

How important is originality?

Originality is important, but it's not easy. It feels like everything has already been done, so you must have a voice for your brand/idea and make it standout to be truly yours.

Which do you feel is more important? Good work with bad attitude or bad attitude and good work?

What's important to me is good work with good attitude. For me it is excellent customer service and presentation.

Any inside secrets about your artistic crafts you would like to share?

No secrets! Everything is made with love and the race is not for the swift, but for the one who can endure it to the end.

What would you say is the magic potion for success in the creative field?

Focus on brand new ideas, you must be daring, you must be able to handle criticism, be open minded in the world we are living today. Remember, success and failure in business are two sides of the same coin, and it is the courage to stand for what you represent no matter what, is what counts.

What would you tell young people who are contemplating a profession in this industry?

Master in your brand an understand three important levels of creativity, which are discovery, creation and invention. Experience as much as you can. Exposure puts more ideas into your subconscious. Lastly actively seek out new experiences to broaden your experience portfolio. Keep in mind there's a season for profit and a season for loss, and lastly, "The Sky is Limitless!"

Thank you very much for your time. Until we meet again, fill your life with memories rather than regrets. Enjoy life and stay on top of your game!

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ABOUT COLUMNIST: Ms. Deidre Bastian is a professionally trained Graphic Designer/ Marketing Coordinator with qualifications of M.Sc., B.Sc., A.Sc. She has trained at institutions such as: Miami Lakes Technical Centre, Success Training College, College of The Bahamas, Nova Southeastern University, Learning Tree International, Langevine International and Synergy Bahamas.