SINCE 2002, Wayde Watson, a former Bahamian basketball player and product of Bain and Grants Town, has headed the Carry Your Brethren On The Shoulders (CYBOTS) Basketball Club, headquartered at the 'George Brown Park' on Dumping Ground Corner.

The club is geared towards the personal and professional development of the youth and adults in New Providence, particularly in the Bain Town community, with Sun Oil Limited as its primary sponsor.

"We take pride in seeing that this club has been so successful in achieving its goal of positive community development," said Sun Oil Limited marketing manager Rufus Johnson II.

"We continue to support programmes such as this."

CYBOTS hosts several annual community initiatives.

One of its projects, dubbed the 'Shares Programme' focused around the Thanksgiving season, requires members to give their time and effort socialising and feeding children and senior citizens in New Providence who are less fortunate.

According to Watson, Sun Oil plays a major role in the sustainability of CYBOTS. "Sun Oil's contribution has helped relieve financial burden and allowed us to really help the kids and push them towards success," he said. "I am so grateful for that."

With a committed leader and team of over 100 members from all walks of life, and a cadre of titles under its belt, CYBOTS like Sun Oil Limited continue to "fuel growth of people."