ART OF GRAPHIX: Reaching a ten year milestone

THE ART OF GRAPHIX column is blowing out ten big candles this year. It seemed like yesterday, but how time flies. Yes, November 2018 marks the tenth anniversary of this column. We began this journey in 2008 with the view that one should always cultivate or promote the things we are driven by. We should be prepared to enhance, and share our knowledge and abilities, with a wider platform.

This initiative as a columnist has not only given me the ability to “exhale a little wider” by seeking to share marketing, graphic and web design best practices, but also business philosophies and principles that demonstrate some of the common promotion for business developments.

Looking back on the previous years of this journey, I admit to being a damsel in distress whistling for “help”, but as time passed the light shone brighter. I have counted 576 articles over the past ten years, producing each one with the same appetite as the first.

Readers might occasionally ask: “Where do you find the inspiration each time?” Writers are artists too, and vice versa. By the same token it is my impartial belief that when we are pursuing something from the heart or a place of passion and love, inspiration flows with us. For example if we have mastered or become skilled at something throughout the length of our lives, that craft is not considered a career any longer… it is now our second language.

With that in mind, this journey has taught me that despite how knowledgeable or well-versed we may feel in a particular craft, there is still so much more that we do not know. In particular, there seems to be a distinct appreciation for graphic art and its purpose, as it offers businesses and consumers visual information that cannot be matched by a written description.

The column continues to receive much positive feedback via e-mail, which is always welcomed and very encouraging. Comments such as “I have enjoyed last week’s article; it was very informative” or “I am clipping this article for my student’s next class” continue to inspire.

To this end, remember we are what we repeatedly do. Excellence should not become an act but a habit. If you are a painter, become the best painter. If you are good at singing, become the best singer. If you are good at writing, be the best at your craft. If you carry a light, shine as bright as you can.

As a final point, be sure to work hard, hone your craft and believe in yourself always. Whatever your gift may be, under no circumstances are you to dim your lights to make others feel comfortable. Most importantly, continue to make your presence felt in a positive way; discover your magic and own it! Until we meet again, fill your life with memories as opposed to regrets. Enjoy life and stay on top of your game!

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Deidre Marie Bastian is a professionally trained graphic designer/marketing coordinator with qualifications of MSc, BSc, ASc. She has trained at institutions such as: Miami Lakes Technical Centre, Success Training College, College of The Bahamas, Nova South Eastern University, Learning Tree International, Langevine International and Synergy Bahamas.