Rankings: Top 15 high school basketball players for 2017-18

By Buster Laing

Grand Bahama Sports .com

THE preseason games have given a strong indication of how the 2017-18 season is shaping up in terms of development and upside.

College recruitment of some of these guys has rocketed while others are becoming bigger names on the coaching scene, while others have not lived up to the preseason billings.

Basketball isn’t won and lost by the point guard, but having a great one makes it easier to win.

Tabernacle Baptist’s Desmond Butler is No. 1 on Grand Bahama Sports.com list of the top 15 high school boys’ basketball players heading into the 2017-18 season after winning two championship and being named MVP in the preseason.

Rankings boil down to two things: projected individual contributions and projected team success. The more a player has of each, the better. However, even though this is a ranking of individuals, the team portion of the equation is weighted a little more heavily. So after a comprehensive analysis and radar-like scanning of the entire preseason basketball season which including, three tournaments -- including more than 80 local players -- we have come to near-agreement on the 15 best basketball players in high school for 2017-18.)

  1. Guard /Desmond Butler, Tabernacle: With high school player of the year Franco Miller gone, Butler got the keys to running this year’s TBCA squad, which is chasing another GBSSAA regular season title and aims to avenge their national championship loss. (Two-time all-tournament selection/Two MVPs)

2.Guard/ Kingcy Thompson, St. Georges: When he got his shot, the speedy and smooth ball handler has basketball fans salivating to see what he can do with a full year of opportunities ahead of him. The five-star guard has a knack for finding the basket and plays with an energy that should make the Jaguars fun to watch as they attempt to repeat as national champions. (Three-time all-tournament selection)

  1. Forward/ McKell Bethel, Sir Jack Hayward: Arguably, the best all-around athlete in high school, Bethel’s ceiling is as high as anyone’s in basketball is. He can run the floor, play defense and block shots. Needs to improve his perimeter shot. (Three-time all-tournament selection)

  2. Forward/ Regis Cooper, TBCA: He’s a vaulting athlete with a ping-pong-table wingspan and a ferocity for rebounding and can score. (Two-time all-tournament selection)

  3. Forward/ Chris Johnson St, Georges: Johnson is unlikely to lead St Georges in scoring, but his skill set, size, vision and motor make him a no-brainer to land in our top five.

He should be a matchup nightmare in most games. (One-time all-tournament selection)

The Best of the Rest


  1. Alfredo Brown,


  1. Joshua Dames,

Tabernacle Baptist

8.Clevon Clarke,SJHH

  1. Howard Burrows,


  1. Shyron Kemp, TBCA

Honourable Mentions

Joshua Cornish, SBA, Shyron Kemp, TBCA, Marlin Desir, SBCA, Ethan Munroe, TBCA, Jalen Hall, SJHH, Davonte Moxey, St. Georges

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