BNT dismisses fear over 'cobra' claim

THE Bahamas National Trust has refuted reports circulating on social media yesterday of a “cobra” lurking around the Seabreeze area, saying there have been no confirmed sightings of this venomous snake in The Bahamas.

A photo of a snake, which some speculated was a “cobra,” was widely shared on Facebook yesterday.

The BNT said it received information from the original photographer that the snake in the photograph was taken two weeks ago.

“While the image in the photo is quite blurred, from what we can discern, we believe this to be a Bahamian racer,” the BNT said in a statement posted to its Facebook page. “This small snake is found throughout The Bahamas. The racer can flatten its neck to make it appear larger, and to ward off potential predators. When it flattens the skin, it could appear similar to a cobra hood. Racers are non-aggressive and not a threat to humans.

“There has never been a confirmed sighting of cobras, or any other snakes considered dangerous to humans in The Bahamas. We reiterate that it is our belief that the snake in the photo is a harmless native Bahamian racer.”