Gaskin a good choice

EDITOR, The Tribune.

Mr Garvin Gaskin is imminently qualified to be the first person appointed to the Constitutionally established post - Independent Director of Public Prosecutions. Indubitably, he has excellent academic qualifications and intellectual prowess. Importantly, he is a man of Christian values, which were deeply imbued in him by his parents.

He is a man of integrity and courage - fearless in his pursuit of justice. And, he understands the importance of enriching his team and of using modern methodologies in the execution of his responsibilities.

During my tenure as Attorney-General, the execution of my duties was made easier because of his competent and thoughtful advice rendered after research, attention to detail and prayer.

I have already given him my congratulations and regret that because I am out of the country I was unable to attend his swearing in ceremony.

I am confident that he will continue nobly to serve The Bahamas. As always, he enjoys my enthusiastic and prayerful support.



June 12, 2018