Former bodybuilders honoured at 45th annual championships


Senior Sports Reporter

DURING the 45th Annual Novice and Bahamas Open Bodybuilding and Fitness Championships, the Bahamas Bodybuilding and Fitness Federation honoured two of its outstanding former bodybuilders turned coaches and executives.

The honours for Leonardo ‘Nardo’ Dean and Wellington ‘Cat’ Sears was made during the championships held at the Melia resort on Saturday night.

The federation, headed by Joel Stubbs, said it’s their goal to recognise the accomplishments of persons who would have made valuable contributions to the sport over the years.

As this year’s recipients, both Dean and Sears said they were appreciative of the gesture by the federation.

Dean, 50, said he puts God first in everything he does and lets everything else follow.

“It was a privilege and an honour to be honoured this year, 2018,” Dean said. “I’ve had a very long line of successful athletic history in a lot of different sports, but mainly for this one, bodybuilding and fitness.

“I’ve spent over 20 years contributing to this sport, ensuring that new athletes come into the sport, ensuring that new athletes come into the sport and that the sport continues to develop.”

Having achieved so much in the sport, Dean said it’s only natural for him to be able to come back and make a contribution to the future growth and development.

“I really, really appreciate it and I will look forward to doing what I can to continue to mold young men and young women into exemplary athletes, not just in bodybuilding, but in their mind, but more importantly the soul because my motto, the trilogy of fitness, is we need to be well-balanced as individuals and then excel as sportsmen. “Not only that, second best is not an option, so we are never perfect, but we can always strive for perfection.”

Dean, 50, is a former national fitness and bodybuilding coach; former New Providence Bodybuilding and Fitness Association president; international fitness and calendar model for Flex Magazine, Rundu Style Calendars, Most Muscular Magazine, Essence Magazine, MuscleMag, Southern Muscle, Master Trainer Mag & Click.

He is also an international and national Men’s Fitness and Bodybuilding champion; an accomplished singer, song writer and poet and the organizer of numerous sporting events, track meets, gymnastics, health fairs and workshops.

As read by master of ceremonies Steven Robinson, Dean’s list of accomplishments were extensive and included the following:

§ Southern States Men’s Fitness Overall Champion, Best in agility and strength rounds and Obstacle Course winner 2005 (Ft. Laud., Fl).

§ Southern States Fitness Championships 1st place agility and strength Award 2003 (Mia, Fl).

§ Southern States Men’s Fitness Over 35 Division 1st place (Miami, Fl).

§ Southern States Men’s Fitness 1st place 2003 (Miami, Fl).

§ FAME Fitness Model Finalist South Beach, Miami, Florida 2003 (Miami Beach, Fl).

§ Southern States Fitness Championships 1st place agility and strength Award 2002 (Mia, Fl).

§ Southern State Men’s Fitness 3rd place 2002 (Miami, Fl).

§ Grand Bahama Pep Fitness Champion 1997 (Freeport, Bah).

§ Mr. Gold’s Fitness Champion 1996 (Nassau, Bah).

Dean, who sang the national anthem during the opening of the championships, has won medals in just about every competition he’s competed in as a bodybuilder in New Providence, Grand Bahama, throughout the Caribbean, the United States and South America.

As a versatile athlete, Dean has also enjoyed successful careers in track and field. tennis, swimming, soccer, cheerleading, ballet and bowling. He has also dabbled in horseback riding, racquet ball, squash, speed bike riding, ice & roller skating and football.

Sears, the owner/proprietor of the Iron Man Gym and Personal Studio, is a national bodybuilding and powerlifting coach, who served as president of the federation from 1998-2001.

The graduate of Americus University with a degree in Science and Physical Education is a fitness and nutrition consultant and personal trainer.

Sears, who serves as the stage manager for the bodybuilding shows, is also a certified myofascial release 1 and 2 and a level 1 track and field coach.

He was the first Bahamian to compete on the male fitness show in Fort Lauderdale in August 1997; was featured in the male and fitness magazine (muscles and fitness) in 1998 and is an international and continental judge.

He was also the first Bahamian to judge the Ben Weider Legacy Cup in Toronto, Canada, the Bogota, Colombia Pro Qualifier; the IFBB diamond Caribe in the Dominican Republic and the Arnold Classic in South America.

Dean said he intent to work with the Ministry of Youth, Sports and Culture in trying to develop to health and fitness initiative to bring more awareness to the sport.