LNG deal problems

EDITOR, The Tribune.

BP&L and LNG…What really is this deal?

If Florida Power and Light can provide the market of Florida with a rate at eight-nine cents a KW, I need the fullest explanation why BP&L can’t provide us at a rate of not higher than 18-19 cents per KW?

Did Leslie Miller say this deal is for 21 years and then handed back to Government for $1.00? In 21 years, that plant that Shell will build will be worth one dollar! New technology will have been created in 21 years.

Oban and economic projects - the projects the proposers must provide environmental studies in LNG’s case a safety study as gas can explode and if surrounded with gasoline-LP gas at Clifton. Surely common sense tells you be careful.

Prime Minister, the writers are correct - where has all your talk about solar gone - remember that pre-May 2017?

Unmuzzle your qualified Minister of Environment, Ferreira and allow him to professionally comment. I suspect neither Oban nor LNG would fly if Minister Ferreira had anything to do with them.



April 30, 2018.