Raptors, Knights victorious in GSSSA cross country


The CR Walker Knights.


The CH Reeves Raptors.


Senior Sports Reporter


THE CH Reeves Raptors and the CR Walker Knights, two powerhouses in track and field, continued their successes by winning the junior and senior divisions of the Government Secondary Schools Sports Association's cross country.

The one-day event was held at the Bahamas Golf Federation's Driving Range and was termed a success by GSSSA president Varel Davis with 15 schools participating.

"With this being the second year, this one was better than last year," Davis said. The numbers increased and the participation was excellent from the schools.

"It was really good. The children enjoyed themselves. If you see the fight between the schools, it was very tight right to the end. We had to double check the scores to determine the overall champions."

Tascaneke Hanna, winner of the under-15 girls' division, said it was a very good race.

"I paced myself. I wanted to win for my school," said Hanna, a 13-year-old ninth grader at CH Reeves. "I think we did good. We came back strong."

Kevin Barr, the under-15 boys' winner, was just as impressed.

"It was good. It was a long race, but I paced myself," Barr said. "It feels good to win. Our team did good too. It feels good to be a winner again."

CH Reeves' track coach Rashad McKenzie said it was expected.

"They came out and did what they had to do, so I'm happy," he stated. "I think all of the strategies they learned, they went out there and put it to work. We just wanted to repeat as champions and we did.".

Although they didn't win the overall title, the RM Bailey Pacers carted off the four individual crowns in the senior division.

In the under-17 girls' division, Catherine Thurston got the chain reaction rolling for the Pacers as she emerged as the champion.

"I felt like I did very good. I trained a lot and I put out a lot," said Thurston, 16-year-old 11th grader. "It was better than last year. The competition was good."

And Brynae Bastian, another winner from RM Bailey, said she did what she had to do to win.

"We ran through the mud, got wet and it was slippery. Girls was pushing each other down and falling, but I had to put that behind me and keep going," said Bastian, a 15-year-old 11th grader.

Jason Symonette won the under-20 boys' division for RM Bailey. "It was a lot challenging. The last time I ran it, I came second, but this time I challenged myself and I was going to make sure that I came first this time," said Symonette, a 17-year-old 12th grader.

"My daddy always taught me that you have to be the best to succeed. He always told me that it's not about coming first, second or third, but beating your time. So I beat my time. That was the challenging part of it for me."

Jackson Ozias, the under-17 boys' winner for RM Bailey as well, said it was a fairly good showing for him.

"I had to work really hard," said Ozias, a 16-year-old 12th grader. "My side was hurting a little bit, but I managed to win. It was a little slippery out there. It was a little challenging and the competition was very good."

Ednal Rolle, the head coach for CR Walker, said it was good for the Knights to win the title.

"Middle distance and long-distance running is our weakness in the high school, but the cross country is a good way for us to develop our middle and long-distance programme," he stated. "A lot of the kids don't like to run long, so we have to implement into our training and to motivate them to do the longer distances. I think the cross country will help to motivate them. So I feel good about this victory."

With 48 athletes entered, Rolle said their aim was to repeat as champions.

"RM Bailey is always a force to reckon with. They have David Ferguson down there, so I know he will bring that heat," Rolle said.

"I told them that RM Bailey and CI Gibson were going to be a force, but hats off to them for really working us hard today."

• The divisional winners are as follows:

Under-13 girls - 1. DW Davis; 2. LW Young; 3. SC McPherson.

  1. Desha Pierre, TA Thompson; 2. China Camille, DW Davis; 3. Stacyann Humes, DW Davis; 4. Glenda Goodridge, DW Davis; 5. Akann Robert, LW Young; 6. Aunae Sadi, LW Young.

Under-15 girls - 1. CH Reeves; 2. AF Adderley; 3. Anatol Rodgers.

  1. Tescaneke Hanna, CH Reeves; 2. Latavia Tynes, CH Reeves; 3. Mia Rolle, LW Young; 4. Kavonna Whymns, AF Adderley; 5. Juvanne Edwards, CH Reeves; 6. Marquell Newbold, CH Reeves.

Under-17 girls - 1. CR Walker; 2. RM Bailey; 3. CI Gibson.

  1. Catherine Thurston, RM Bailey; 2. Ayesha Sylvester, CR Walker; 3. Renae Verneus, RM Bailey; 4. Martine Louissaint, RM Bailey; 5. Jeannie Stpruex, CI Gibson; 6. Jade Tholpmpur, CR Walker.

Under-20 girls - 1. CR Walker; 2. CV Bethel; 3. CI Gibson.

  1. Brynae Bastian, RM Bailey; 2. Kia Brice, CI Gibson; Rowlia Joseph, CV Bethel; 4. Chassica Taris, CV Bethel; 5. Angel Williams, CR Walker; 6. Amir Thompson, Anatol Rodgers.

Under-13 boys - 1. CH Reeves; 2. DW Davis; 3. AF Adderley.

  1. Bryson Rolle, CH Reeves; 2. Dwayne Finley, CH Reeves; 3. Prince Johnson, DW Davis; 4. Aran Ojias, CH Reeves; 5. Ariste Samuel, DW Davis; 6. Fernaldo Lubin, CH Reeves.

Under-15 boys - 1. CH Reeves; 2. TA Thompson; 3. SC McPherson.

  1. Kevin Barr, CH Reeves; 2. Kevinson Kelly, Anatol Rodgers; 3. Devaughn Fleurme, CR Walker; 4. Rayhem Robinson, TA Thompson; 5. Joyann Joseh, CH Reeves; 6. Jawayne Smith, TA Thompson.

Under-17 boys - 1. RM Bailey; 2. CC Sweeting; 3. CR Walker.

  1. Jackson Ozias, RM Bailey; 2. Denzel Sawyer, CI Gibson; 3. Kevin Neymour, CC Sweeting; 4. Nathan Duncan, CV Bethel; 5. Shamar, CC Sweeting; 6. Felix Neely, CR Walker.

Under-20 boys - 1. RM Bailey; 2. CR Walker; 3. CI Gibson.

  1. Jason Symonette, RM Bailey; 2. Denventa Newbold, CI Gibson; 3. Terry St Louis, CR Walker; 4. Lauren Jenfield, CV Bethel; 5. Kendrick Kemp, CR Walker; 6. Robert Pennerman, RM Bailey.