Cut away the dead wood

EDITOR, The Tribune

PLP postpones much heralded Convention. What is the real reason? PLP commentator Philip Galanis led the public to suspect something was coming, and in usual manner, the populous were asked not to oppose Brave Davis as leader. What they promised Glynis and Obie?

The PLP is totally controlled by the old guard, who refuses to give a millimetre for sense and progressiveness, which their party title calls for. Who controls the stalwart councillors? Christie and Davis period.

Brave Davis - if leader going into the next election has only a chance to win, if the FNM continues to screw up as they have been since May 2017, It will be an all over again performance and result. The Bahamian voter will kick the FNM out, never thinking who they will elect. Bahamians never elect a potentially good new government.

The postponement had nothing to do with the untimely, unexpected demise of Big Bad Brad…May his soul rest, but for financial reasons.

PLP allow the young, interested people a chance, and all that dead wood move aside.



October 29, 2018