Hearing today in John Bull case


Tribune Staff Reporter


ONE of two men accused of the daylight robbery of a John Bull store in Grand Bahama back in July will finally have his bail application heard in the Supreme Court later today.

Corradon Cockburn, 30, of Mangrove Avenue was charged with Diego Carey, 23, of Soldier Road with conspiracy to commit robbery. It is alleged that on July 23, the pair, with others who are unknown, conspired and stole 35 men's and women's Rolex watches and two Breitling watches valued at $427,000, the property of John Bull Limited. They pleaded not guilty to the charge.

Cockburn appeared before Justice Bernard Turner yesterday, on his third attempt in as many days to have his bail application heard. His initial attempt was adjourned to yesterday after his case did not appear on the court's original list of matters.

An amended list of cases was presented to representatives for the Department of Public Prosecution (DPP) later that afternoon, however those representatives were unable to proceed, claiming they were not in possession of the accused's bail application.

Bjorn Ferguson, Cockburn's attorney, reportedly filed the application in Grand Bahama on August 7.

DPP representatives said once they were made aware of Cockburn's intent to have his application heard in New Providence, they contacted their Grand Bahama office to have all the related documents transferred. Those documents were in possession of the New Providence office on Wednesday.

However, DPP representatives were unable to review the documents and submit in writing their objection to bail in time yesterday.

Justice Turner, upon being made aware of the circumstances, asked the attorney for the accused if he had an issue with the matter being adjourned a second time.

In his comments to Justice Turner, Mr Ferguson raised an issue with the DPP's execution of what he referred to as a "simple process". Mr Ferguson said that the department has had more than a month to prepare its position in the case, insisting that his August 7 filing served as notice that his client intended to seek bail and to do so in New Providence.

He added that the various delays should be viewed as "prejudicial" and "an abuse".

Cockburn's application will be heard today at 1pm.

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