Oban deal

EDITOR, The Tribune.

OBAN Energy Heads of Agreement…if signatories do not comply with the terms of an agreement then what happens to that agreement?

Even with the incredible circumstances of how the agreement was signed - the signatory signing another person’s signature that agreement was Tabled in the House Of Assembly - it stands and is supported but…

Oban Energy has not complied with key articles of that HOA so in law there is a breach and the HOA is null and void — just a bunch of waste paper.

Prime Minister, as head of your government you are duty bound to officially write to Oban Energy and advise them they have not complied with the HOA and their agreement has therefore been cancelled…no more pussy footing around on this…today write.

The special Cabinet Committee headed by Senator Hon Dion Foulkes - recall now it was Minister Jeffrey Lloyd who shouted from the hill top that the Oban HOA was illegal - remember that? Illegal! Then we heard that PM Minnis appointed this Committee to investigate the process - Process not new Heads of Agreement. Why are the journalists not challenging the Minister or do they just lap up the milk and honey the Ministers speak? Oban Heads of Agreement is void and officially it has to be cancelled - non compliance plus, as Minister Lloyd, said “illegal”.

Almost every day since May, 2017 we have struggled to understand the direction of this FNM Government - indecision - putting their proverbial foot if not feet in their mouths - not following Procedures look at the BP&L mess - PM promises investigation now a month or two has passed on the BP&L Board issues embraced the good lady who was chair and nothing and they intend signing an MOU whose process is totally flawed but oh we go on as if nothing was astray, we complied 100% with the procedures.

One year on Ragged Island, oh, yes, we will build the world’s first green community, great words Prime Minister but did you mean it or understand what you were saying and, of course, when?

We have money to buy Our Lucaya but unable to assist our People in Ragged Island and other hurricane torn islands still hurting!

Nassau Cruise Port again true to form the process for a future RFP-Tender has been comprised - isn’t there someone in OPM that know the process?

Oban Energy Heads of Agreement is void - non-compliance…we must hear and see that Agreement cancelled.

By the way, Prime Minister, we don’t want a refinery anyway so just forget that wet-dream - that location is virgin beautiful Bahamian beach not to be spoilt by exploiters!



September 12, 2018.