One up, one down for Undertakers

The New Providence (Wholesalers) Modified Pitch Softball League Results:

The Undertakers 15

Smokin Rams 14

Randon Neely got the win, while Keron Sands suffered the loss.

Kenny Curry went 4-4, scored two runs and drove in two runs. Junel Bain went 3-4 with two runs scored while Moses Kerr was 1-4, scored two runs and drove in three runs a with a homer.

In a losing effort, Kito Kemp went 3-5, scored three runs, drove in six runs, including two home runs, one a three-run shot and the second a two-run shot. Basil Johnson was 2-4, with two runs, and two RBI.

Airborne Freight Stallions 33

The Undertakers 17

Forrester Carroll got the win, while Ellis Adderley was tagged with the loss.

Felix Knowles went 5-6, and scored four runs with four RBI, including a home run. Marcellus Hall was 4-5, scored four runs and had six RBI along with a home run and Keno Ferguson was 2-5 with five runs scored and one RBI.

In the losing effort, Stefan McKinney was 3-5, two runs scored. Junel Bain went 3-4, two runs scored, with four runs batted in and two home runs. Moses Kerr was 3-3 with two runs scored, three RBI and two home runs.