BBF elections: Bowleg to head new administration

A NEW administration was elected to lead the Bahamas Basketball Federation, headed by president Mario Bowleg.

Bowleg was elected as the new president during the federation's annual general meeting and election of officers at the Ministry of Youth, Sports and Culture on Saturday. He went in unopposed to replace Charles "Softly" Robins for the next four years.

His administrative team also includes First Vice President - Eugene Horton, Second Vice President - Frederick Brown, Third Vice President - Quentin Hall, Secretary General - Jurelle Nairn-Mullings, Assistant Secretary-General - Latoya Silver, Treasurer- Simone Beneby, Public Relations - John Marc-Nutt and Officers - Rodney Wilson, Joemond Jones and Sherwin Major.

Bowleg's platform for his administration pledges to guide basketball in the country to unprecedented heights both at the local and international levels. "One of the primary purposes and function of the Bahamas Basketball Federation is to promote and ensure the proper growth and development of basketball throughout the entire Commonwealth of the Bahamas. As the next president of the Bahamas Basketball Federation while I prepare to move to higher heights, I will keep at the forefront, that while basketball is a sport, it is also a character-building tool," Bowleg said in a press release.

"Communities would have been enhanced directly and significantly through the discipline that is an integral part of basketball. I will weave into the fabric of my plan, community-minded programmes, fostering activities that will steer our youth toward wholesome, positive and exciting events that replace the idle time that sometimes welcomes mischief. We must think of the whole person and their environment, which is life after basketball, conducive to being productive citizens."

Bowleg has served as vice president of the organisation for the last two terms and said his administration will focus on five pillars to aid the development of the game. "It's with these initiatives, the vision and my purpose as head of the federation, my team, along with other cross-sector professionals who will be elected to ensure the game is properly organised and developed for the greater good for all Bahamians, now and later." - I. Development and training of executives and administrators, for all involved in the game throughout the entire country. Basketball is a business and should be approached with that view in mind for the greater good, for the game and all involved. Basketball is the most popular played sport in the country and must be properly administered on each individual island and the country at large.

Ii. Constant development, training, and re-certification of table and floor officials, it is paramount that we unite this group of individuals, to ensure the proper management and governing of the rules and regulations of the game so it is executed at a professional level and meets international standards.

iii. Constant development, training and certification of coaches - Coaching is the most important component in this equation to ensure the proper fundamentals and technique are carried out when teaching the game, as not having the ability to affect the same would result to improper development of our youth, which will result in a decline of the game and talent being developed.

iv. Re-establishment of the development programmes for youth basketball - mini, super mini for both boys and girls must be enforced in every island.

The federation will seek out sponsorship heavily in this area and will ensure a large per cent of its financial resources is geared toward youth development.

v.. Restoration of women's basketball at all levels throughout the country - The restoration of females basketball at all levels is vital to the survival of female basketball in the country.

The federation will seek to ensure more opportunities are available for females to play, coach and officiate and vow to ensure they are treated equally as the men. Preparing players with solid fundamentals, making them attractive to college scouts is paramount.