Tourist says PMH is the worst hospital he's ever been to


Tribune Staff Reporter

“THE hospital was the worst I have ever been to,” is how a Canadian tourist described the Princess Margaret Hospital, after he and his fiancée were taken there following their involvement in a hit-and-run traffic accident.

“You would have to go there to see for yourself how horrible the conditions were,” Mr Millar told The Tribune. “I wouldn’t take my dog there, honestly.”

The couple’s complaints are the latest issues in the country’s ongoing healthcare crisis. Conditions at the public hospital have drawn public ire for decades. In recent months, senior doctors, junior doctors, and nurses have all taken industrial action for more pay.

In September, elective surgeries at PMH had to be postponed due to non-functioning air-conditioning units.

Days before Christmas, Shawn Millar, 51, and Jennifer Moore, 47, were driving a rental motorcycle down West Bay Street opposite Goodman’s Bay park when a driver of a black vehicle cut in front of them.

Both visitors were knocked onto the sidewalk. Mr Millar sustained injuries to his leg while Ms Moore experienced severe pain in her arm. With the help of a passerby, an ambulance was called and the couple was taken to the Princess Margaret Hospital.

Aside from conditions, the couple’s other complaints included the fact that Mr Millar’s pain medication ended up in a “pool on the floor” after it was not set up properly. Ms Moore received no pain medication at all, and she was not given a lead apron covering during X-ray.

“Jennifer was told she may have a dislocated shoulder and I was told that my right lower leg may be broken,” Mr Millar said. “All of these injuries were not to be the case. I had a severe road rash and Jennifer had no obvious dislocation.”

“The hospital was the worst I have ever been to (in fact) we both signed ourselves out after six hours. The pain medication that I was supposed to receive was lying in a pool on the floor because one of the nurses didn’t connect it right.

“While Jennifer was waiting they brought in a young man who was shot four times and she had to see all this. That would never happen here in Canada.

“When we signed ourselves out my nurse was extremely rude, but the worst came from the paramedic who was in the room where Jennifer was.

“The paramedic started to yell at Jennifer and was telling her that we were rude and didn’t appreciate their help. If I ever talked to a (patient) like that I would be severely punished by my employer.

“They wanted to X ray my neck and gave me a rectal exam all unnecessary for the type of injury I had,” Mr Millar continued. “My leg was not broken and I knew that.”

Six hours into their stay at the hospital and after an argument with a nurse, Mr Millar was ready to leave.

“That’s when I had enough six hours in, no X-rays and I wasn’t going to expose myself to radiation for nothing, in fact they refused to give Jennifer a lead apron when they did her X ray.”

Mr Millar also said his fiancée was never given the pain medication she was supposed to receive. At this point, the couple decided to sign themselves out.

Mr Millar also alleged that during this ordeal, his fiancée’s bracelet was stolen from her bag at their resort.

“I have been to Nassau a bunch of times, however, because of what I experienced in regards to the driver who ran us off the road and didn’t stop to help, the horrible experience at the public hospital to the theft at our resort,” he said. “Very sad situation. This was our engagement trip and it turned out to be a nightmare.”

However, Mr Millar went on to say that he doesn’t “hold anything against the Bahamas” because of this less than ideal situation.

“I have to mention the good things! When the accident happened a very nice lady stopped as she witnessed everything and told the police what happened,” he said, although he could not recall her name.

“Then another lady by the name Dr Renee Peet stopped to provide medical support and she was amazing.

“So there are some great people there.”