Company removes 'boat load of harbour garbage'

A Bahamian mosquito control firm has cleaned up Nassau Harbour by removing a “boat load of garbage” from the water and bushes along the western Paradise Island shoreline.

Bahamas Mosquito Fogging Company collected plastic, styrofoam, tyres, nets, ropes and multiple other materials harmful to the environment. Toby Smith, its chief executive, said: “The garbage went from in the water to far into the bushes, and we spent the day cleaning up and making sure the garbage was properly disposed of.”

Robert Brown, of Brown’s Boat Basin, and Francisco De Cardenas, Bahamas Waste’s managing director, aided Bahamas Mosquito Fogging Company in the clean-up effort.

Bahamas Mosquito Fogging Company has previously performed clean-ups of Rawson Square and public beaches, and restored Steve Burrows’ Conch Shell and White Crown Pigeon sculptures. Mr Smith has sculpted Ringo The Flamingo on Baha Mar’s roundabout in his driveway.

Calling on Bahamians to protect their environment from human neglect and improper garbage disposal, Mr Smith said: “If you are able to bring items in packaging to the water then you should take it with you or dispose of it in a responsible manner when it is no longer needed.

“What’s also greatly disturbing is the amount of waste motor oil that is dumped indiscriminately in the harbour, and without an enforced penalty. Styrofoam floats through the harbour and, as it does so, it ends up completely black having soaked up waste oil floating on the water surface.”