Idea is dead on arrival

EDITOR, The Tribune

Alfred Sears’ proposal would seem to be an attempt to support possibly a potential challenge to the leadership in the PLP of Brave Davis.

To propose moving the physical material location of the capital from New Providence to a location on Andros is significant, but at the least one would have hoped Mr Sears would have examined Brazil’s experience when they moved their capital to what is now called Brasilia and see what Brasilia has become?

A capital Monday to 5pm Friday then everyone disappears to the coast.

Sears comparison to the development of Freeport is totally out of thought and his rhetoric not only on the concessions given 55 plus years ago of Groves and more recently to Kerzner and then Baha Mar are totally unrelated.

Who would Mr Sears pay for the transfer just of the civil service let alone the support for the private sector? Andros is a short hop away, but, sir, your concept is ill-thought out and DOA…dead on arrival!



July 7, 2019