Five big winners in 100JAMZ Secret Sound promotion

FIVE lucky winners took home a combined $10,000 in cash prizes in the 100 JAMZ and The Beauty Shack’s “Secret Sound” contest powered by Stiletto’s Shoe Loft.

The contest concluded last week. During the promotion, the “Secret Sound” was played once per shift between 6am-10pm Monday through Friday, with listeners given the opportunity to call in to 100 JAMZ and guess the correct sound. 

The jackpot started at $100 and increased by $100 per shift if there was no winner. 

If there was a winner, the jackpot would reset to $100.

Crystal Jordan won $1,500; Welliyah Cargill won $500; Chenique Whylly won $300; Agatha Gomes won $6,500 and Allan Burrows won $1,200.

Ms Gomes, the largest winner of the contest stated, “What an awesome feeling, to finally get through and to solve that vexing question, ‘What was that sound?’ It was something that everyone thought they knew.”

Ms Gomes correctly guessed the sound of “a sperm whale using echo location”, but described how it took several tries and help from an unexpected source to get the winning answer.

She added: “I was initially caller number 14 and my answer ‘toy monkey’ was incorrect. I tried again unsuccessfully with the answers, ‘cupboard opening’ and ‘golf balls’. My colleague and I made a pact to get the correct answer as she had tried ‘coin counter’ to her dismay. One morning, a student my colleague was transporting . . . [he] heard the sound and informed her that it was a sea creature. We were sceptical of this and of course turned to Google for clarification. Upon realising he was correct, we asked Malique how he knew this, and his reply was that he’s fond of watching National Geographic and sea creatures. Big shout out to Malique for all his help.

“After realising we had the answer, now came the anxiety of being the tenth caller. I had the call number on speed dial and proceeded to try twice, with Special K in the morning and JJ in the afternoon. To no avail. I was unable to get through. My next chance was on Reality’s show and I heard the sound while on the beach and grabbed my phone to make the call. I was caller number five and I was about to hang up in a fury, but he said that I had the chance to guess. I almost passed out from excitement but had to gather myself. He announced the jackpot of $6,500 and asked for the answer. I said, ‘Sperm whale clicking sonar echo location thingy’. Reality made me repeat the answer and yes, I said thingy. When he said that I was right, I screamed so much that my throat is still sore. Thank you 100 Jamz and thank you Malique. I hope he enjoys his share.”

100 JAMZ thanks to The Beauty Shack and Stiletto’s Shoe Loft for partnering on this promotion.