Time to reform pension system

EDITOR, The Tribune

Right thinking Bahamians everywhere should be calling for reform to our current pension system. While I agree with certain positions in government receiving pensions for a specific duration of national service, there has to be a limit on the amount of sources a person can tap into to receive pensions from the public treasury.

It is my view that only a Prime Minister that has served at least eight years should be able to receive two pensions, one for the PM post and the other for being a Member of Parliament. No other person, be they a former government minister or their spouse should be allowed to draw more than one pension from the treasury for their lifetime, and if they are offered a pensionable post, the lesser paying pension should be withdrawn.

Can we please stop selecting people who are already collecting pensions from the government to pensionable positions that will allow them to reap even more benefits from the public purse on the backs of Bahamian taxpayers? It is a despicable act of political patronage that is an affront to struggling Bahamian taxpayers.



June 5, 2019.