Sir Arthur Foulkes heads awards ceremony list

FORMER Governor General Sir Arthur Foulkes heads a list of some of the country’s most outstanding personalities for the 2019 RE Cooper Sr National Meritorious Service Award.

The award ceremony will be held at Government House on June 21 with a second ceremony set for July 26. These awards, named after the late Dr RE Cooper Sr, were established in 1983 to recognise outstanding nation builders.

“Dr Cooper gave the ecumenical address at the country’s independence celebrations in 1973 and charged the Bahamian people to become nation builders,” a press release from organisers noted. “However, he recognised that education was key to developing our new nation and single-handedly set about educating hundreds of Bahamians through scholarships to US colleges and universities. As a result many of our outstanding leaders today are the benefactors of this true nation builder.

“The legacy of Dr Cooper Sr, has been perpetuated through his family, headed by Dr RE Cooper Jr, through these awards ceremonies. Honorees are chosen because of their role in helping build our nation through their respective fields. This year, the group of outstanding honorees are led by former Governor General Sir Arthur Foulkes.”

Other notable persons who will be honoured for achievements in areas such as business, education, media and philanthropy, etc are Chris and Terry Tsavoussis; Francis Crothers; Mark Holowesko; Janet Brown; Thelma Grimes; Darrel Rolle; Franklyn Butler II; Darold Miller; Llewelyn Astwood Sr; Leonard “Skeeter” Dames; Rev Timothy Stewart; Merisa Mason-Smith; Kirk Williams; Rev CB Moss; Susan Roberts; AG Gibson; and Rev Dr Philip Rahming.

“Several international celebrities will be in town for the event which is definitely historic,” event organisers said. “Father George Clements, the subject of a (made for TV) movie, will be in attendance as he was an honoree at the last event. Also TV personality and gospel host Bobby Jones, will also be in town to receive his award from the last event in which he was not able to attend.”