Taxi drivers resolve issues at Baha Mar


Tribune Business Reporter

THE Bahamas Taxicab Union’s (BTU) president yesterday said it had reached what he described as an amicable resolution over the working conditions for drivers operating at Baha Mar.

Wesley Ferguson told Tribune Business he had met with Baha Mar executives last week to address the matter, and said: “I told them what we wanted and what our issues were. Right now they are in the process of rebuilding the taxi holding area to meet the standards of those across New Providence. I’m satisfied so far.”

Taxi drivers had long complained that the holding area was too far away from the resort, had no enclosure to protect drivers from the weather, and that the area was prone to robberies and other criminal attacks.

Meanwhile, Mr Ferguson told Tribune Business the union was set to roll-out a brand new call-up system for taxi drivers at Prince George Wharf.

“We have already provided the Ministry of Tourism with a separate taxi booth which they had required,” he said. “It’s out there and it’s operational. I met with the dock workers on Tuesday and we hashed out the logistics of how the new system will work. That is just waiting an approval from the Ministry of Tourism.”

Mr Ferguson had previously said changing the “system” at Prince George Wharf is the “first step” towards revamping the industry’s image.

He added: “One of the first things we are doing is changing the systems at the dock to prevent drivers from sleeping out there. The dock is a pressing issue for us. That area is about to undergo a transformation, and so we need to ensure that we are conducting our affairs properly.

“We need to present ourselves as legitimate business persons so that when everything comes on stream we can demand what is rightfully ours and not be left behind. We need to demonstrate that we have done our part.”