Several parliamentarians 'miss disclosure deadline'


ENGLERSTON MP Glenys Hanna-Martin said yesterday she will be carefully watching the response of Prime Minister Dr Hubert Minnis regarding parliamentarians missing the deadline to disclose their assets and liabilities.

Reportedly, several parliamentarians failed to submit their declarations of assets and liabilities by the March 1 deadline.

Mrs Hanna Martin said she doesn't want to give her view on the parliamentarians who have yet to disclose.

She said: "The prime minister expressed strong views on it all the way through, especially in opposition. He was adamant in opposition about what should happen.

"Particularly based on his principled position taken in opposition. He expressed in opposition a strong position, very strong...stronger than anyone I’ve ever heard about what should happen to people who are obliged by law to disclose under that legislation."

Mrs Hanna Martin said it will be interesting to see if the prime minister will act in accordance with what he said.

Mrs Hanna Martin said: "From what he said publicly, I think he said lock them up, that’s what he said so I’ll be interested to see whether he will act in accordance with what he said was his declared principled position on the matter."

In an interview with The Tribune, Free National Movement (FNM) chairman Carl Culmer said he hadn't received the list, so he is unable to say who has and who hasn't disclosed.

In 2014, while in opposition, Dr Minnis said parliamentarians who failed to make their financial disclosures should be arrested.

“I can tell you that I have disclosed,” he said at the time. “I can tell you that the opposition has disclosed. You would do me a great favour, you and the Bahamian public –– set an example, march and force them to disclose.

“And the police should lock them up. That’s the job of the police. They must disclose.”