BAIC warning to tenants: ‘Put your house in order’


Tribune Business Reporter

THE Bahamas Agricultural & Industrial Corporation (BAIC) has warned delinquent tenants to “get their house in order”, its chairman noting that several businesses had been evicted over the past year.

Bishop Gregory Collie, BAIC’s newly-appointed chairman, said: “This new board we have has placed a serious focus on our real estate inventory. Those persons who remain delinquent, I can send out a warning now that they need to get their house in order. If not, BAIC will do what it needs to ensure that they are compliant with their leases.”

He continued: “We have over the past year revoked a number of tenants who were delinquent. We’re in the process of allowing those delinquent tenants to bring their accounts to order. We are accepting new applications for those vacant lots and buildings that we have. We intend to have the entire park occupied.

“It does the corporation no good, nor does it help the country’s economic situation, to have them vacant. Those who have the ability and desire to carry on business, we encourage them to come to BAIC and we will see how to assist them.”

According to Bishop Collie, the Soldier Road Industrial Park has about 14 tenants, while the Gladstone Road Park has roughly 25.