Lanisha pays out in pin fiasco


Tribune Staff Reporter

MINISTER of Youth, Sports and Culture Lanisha Rolle has paid back the government for the commemorative pins bearing her image that were handed out at a Youth Parliament event.

The Tribune understands that Mrs Rolle paid the $580.42 on November 6, the same day Prime Minister Dr Hubert Minnis told the House of Assembly that the government should not have paid for the pins and confirmed that the minister would be expected to pay.

About a week ago the controversial commemorative pin bearing Mrs Rolle’s image surfaced on social media – they were given to those who participated in Youth Parliament last month at a courtesy call.

Dr Minnis said last week: “In view of what has been personalised, because it was a personal picture on the medal, the government shouldn’t have paid for anything that was personalised, therefore the minister will reimburse the government.”

Mrs Rolle has been the centre of recent criticisms which include her alleged undermining of the Junkanoo Corporation of New Providence. Last week Junkanoo groups got together and rushed at what was called a rebuke of the Seabreeze MP.

The JCNP said that the Junkanoo groups have been disrespected by the minister and their authority to manage the country’s premier cultural event undermined. To date, they have had a difficult relationship with the minister in handling Junkanoo and asked the prime minister to intervene.

Speaking on the Junkanoo issue last week, Dr Minnis said: “Both the minister and I would have had ongoing discussions about Junkanoo leaders and the decision is Junkanoo will not change at this particular time as we are moving into the Junkanoo season. However, in February, the minister and the JCNP and all the relevant agencies will have a discussion as to the way forward so that by the end of March we would know the way forward with respect to Junkanoo, because changes must occur, and this must be discussed and agreed upon by all the relevant parties.”