Business chief insists Abaco security must be restored before commerce can restart


Ken Hutton

By Youri Kemp

Security is a primary concern for restarting commerce in Abaco and bringing in international cargo, the island's Chamber of Commerce President Ken Hutton warned yesterday.

Hutton told Tribune Business: "Inadequate security is a very big factor in us getting businesses restarted because the place is just not secure. The police don't have enough vehicles to respond to calls on the island."

As commerce tries to restart Hutton believes it is vital police and defence force officers are able to respond to criminal incidents when they are reported.

He complained police don't have enough vehicles to respond to calls and feared the situation is only going to get deteriorate "as more lootings and robberies are taking place".

"My lumber yard was broken into again," he said.

Hutton added: "There is also no security at the ports of entry. The docks are totally and completely unsecured."

Because of this, Hutton says businesses cannot safely import cargo into Abaco and as a result the economy can't get going again.

Hutton was careful to dispel suggestions there were armed militias roaming the island.

"What we do have is armed homeowners who are protecting their property, but there are no armed militias moving around in Abaco," he said.