Celebration time for 'the church on the corner'


Tribune Features Reporter


FOR UP to 90 years the clergy and people of "the church on the corner" of Wulff and Baillou Hill Roads known as St Barnabas have engaged in Christ's mission to the community, nation and various parts of the Anglican Communion.

Over these years, the church has provided religious literature, prepared pre-school children in education, provided sound advice in many areas, as well as fed and clothed the poor.

"The work did not stop there as the church has attempted to help those who have had a brush with the law. In terms of building family life the congregation has prepared many persons from other parishes and denominations for marriage and family life as they have reached out beyond the parish boundaries to help others," said Duranda Minus, Communications Committee representative at the St Barnabas Church.

Under the theme " Revolution, Revelation, and Renewal" - the parish will celebrate its 90th anniversary of Dedication this coming Sunday. In preparation for this event, the parishioners have invited three speakers they consider their "sons" to conduct an interactive mission services to prepare the church for the 21st century. Speakers include The Rev Dr Tellison Glover, Rev Father Theodore Hunt and The Rev Dr Carlton Turner.

The mission services kicked off yesterday at the church, and will continue tonight and tomorrow, beginning 6.30 pm in the main sanctuary.

With background information provided on the speakers, Ms Minus said The Rev'd Dr Tellison Glover accepted the role as Director of Mission and Ministry Development in the Diocese of New Westminster, British Columbia. As a part of Diocesan Leadership his responsibilities include providing support to 66 parishes in carrying out mission and ministry and promoting diocesan missional priorities; oversight of the Diocesan School for Parish Development; oversight of the Adult, Children and Youth Christian Formation Department; oversight of the Parish Consultants Network, and more. He has also co-developed a church growth programme called "Groundwork" - a programme designed to challenge congregations to take a critical look at their culture as a worshiping community and its impact on church attendance. Participants are then tasked to reimagine their cultural identity in the spirit of excellence and execute on it with the intention of establishing a new culture.

The Rev'd Fr Theadore Hunt is currently studying and working in Toronto, Canada with his wife Donethia and their two young daughters, Doren and Karis. From 2010 to 2017 he has worked part-time as an Associate Priest at the Anglican Church of St Paul's L'Amoreaux in Toronto with responsibility for any number of ministry areas including pastoral ministry, ministry to young adults and ministry to fathers with young families.

Friday night's guest speaker, The Rev'd Dr Carlton Tuner, is a full-time lecturer at the Queens Foundation for Ecumenical Theological in Birmingham, UK. It is an ecumenical Methodist and Anglican regional seminary with good links with Pentecostal churches.

During his time at St Barnabas, Father Turner was part of the Anglican Young Adults, the Boys' Brigade, and the young adult choir. He eventually led Youth and Adult Alphas and Discoveries, as well as being a member of the Cursillo community. He also served as member of the Vestry for a number of years. St Barnabas will always be known as the place where Father Turner sharpened his sense of calling; and for this he is eternally grateful.

"The three nights will take the form of an interactive presentation between the clergy and the congregation. The doors are open to any and all persons regardless of their denomination. Consider this as your invitation to this event," said Ms Minus.