An inspirational leader in waiting

EDITOR, The Tribune

Would you kindly permit me some of your valuable space in your prestigious newspaper to share my thoughts on the Hon. Shanendon Cartwright. I firmly believe that he is an inspirational leader in waiting. He continues to demonstrate his leadership during a crisis starting with his powerful budget communication recently on the honourable House of Assembly, that succinctly articulated some long-term possibilities for diversifying the economy, both in tourism and a possible multi-billion dollar agriculture concept carried by the local newspapers.

Shanendon Cartwright has shown outstanding leadership and innovation in his constituency of St. Barnabas, reflected in his grocery assistance programme to convincing local stores to offer major discounts to his constituents to personally serving ice cream in his constituency. I believe strongly that he has demonstrated his national leadership ability and he is a compassionate, forward, visionary thinker with his out of the box concepts and he is the epitome of a hard worker in politics with outstanding representation that definitely deserves re-election.

As a keen observer of local and international politics , I have heard the constituents of St. Barnabas brag with pride of his care and attention and his political acumen. As a matter of fact his popularity in his constituency crosses political lines, in that PLP’s, DNA’s and Independents have been singing his praises as not only a force to be reckoned with at the constituency level, but nationally. Persons are amazed at his passion and boundless energy with regards to delivering for the good people of St. Barnabas and many have openly said that they wish that they were in his constituency. To borrow a phrase – “that is powerful!”

In my mind, no other political figure currently on the scene, has engendered the admiration, inspiration and confidence from a cross-section of our society from the small man to those in corporate Bahamas. A unifying figure he is, who is unpretentious and not faking it. Some say he is a hybrid of the greatest assets of the two former Prime Ministers , with the compassion of and inspiration of Sir Lynden Pindling and the just get it done dogged, proactive and responsive work ethic of Hubert Ingraham. We wonder why he has not been elevated to the cabinet, but we assume that internal politics might be the reason.

Personally, I have become a little disenchanted with local politics with all of its shenanigans, so my thoughts on Mr. Cartwright have been well considered and deliberated. I take this seriously enough to put pen to paper which is something I don’t do.

Finally, the Hon. Shanendon Cartwright, has been flying under the radar, but in the trenches making a difference in the lives of the people of St. Barnabas and he has shown to be in politics, but not of politics. It’s obvious that he cares deeply about people and he is not faking it. He is the real deal!



August 12, 2020.