Victim was 'nice, quiet young boy'


A NEIGHBOUR of the man who was shot dead on Monday night is taken aback by his murder, describing the victim as a quiet and down-to-earth person.

Kevin Storr, believed to be in his early twenties, was killed near his home on Toote Shop Corner off East Street.

According to reports, the incident took place shortly before 8pm. Mr Storr was standing in front of a home when a Honda vehicle pulled up next to him, police said. An armed man came from the vehicle and shot him before getting back into the car and speeding off. Paramedics were called, but he was pronounced dead at the scene.

One neighbour, who said she has known Mr Storr since he was ten-years-old, was shocked by the news of his murder.

“He was always a quiet, shy, down to earth person. He don’t talk much,” she said.

“…He ain’t no bad boy per se. He ain’t that type of person that you would think that would be murdered, you know. Quiet, nice young boy. He wasn’t no problem in the community. He ain’t had no gang affliction….It’s more of a shock because he really don’t bother.”

The neighbour said Storr’s mother was not taking the murder well.

“She’s taken that hard because he was one of the favourites. I think he looked a lot like her. We use to call them twins.”

A resident of the area, who gave his name as Del, said he heard the gun shots that took the young man’s life.

He said: “I was heading home, okay. While I (was) driving, I hear three shots fire, but I continued. The set speed that I was on, I wasn’t speeding or nothing, but I don’t know where the shots coming from. When I reach home and returned back, I hear somebody through the same area that I coming from get killed.

“When I heard the first three shots, then I hear multiple shots. So I just continued driving going on and I see nobody. The only thing that I see is a straight road in front of me and I don’t see nobody – behind my car or nothing.”

Previous murders have occurred in the community. A similar incident happened in 2016 when a man was killed in front of a home when two men in a dark coloured vehicle armed with handguns approached and shot him. Del believes these shootings are motivated by retaliation.

“Between me and you, everywhere you go people just come through and do whoever do them something – they just come through and do it. So, it’s happen here before already since I’ve been here,” Del said.

The Tribune tried to speak to Storr’s relatives, however residents in the area said they were at the Central Detective Unit. An investigation is continuing.