CC Sweeting Senior Boys basketball is recognised for effort in the classroom


Tribune Sports Reporter

THE CC Sweeting senior boys basketball programme was recognised for their effort in the classroom at a special assembly and pep rally hosted at the school’s campus yesterday.

During the first term, each of the team members qualified with GPAs of 2.5 and above, five of which scored a GPA of above 3.0.

Cobras’ head coach Wayde Watson said it is imperative that young men are recognised for their positive work in the classroom.

“So often our young men, and this school in particular is hit with the negative stigma and that’s why we wanted to show the country that there is positivity in CC Sweeting, positivity in our kids from the inner city,” he said.

“It’s so critical for these boys to get their grades and I always tell them in school their first focus is their academics. I try to ensure they do as best as they can in school. We have study hall on Tuesdays and Thursdays and that is mandatory - you don’t come to study hall then don’t come to practice and don’t come to games.

“The teachers in the school have been a great assistance to help the boys focus on this aspect. The basketball part, that is a commonality between all of us.

“I know what you can do in basketball, that’s why you are on the team, I want you to take care of the things outside of basketball, and the first thing is making your schoolwork a priority.”

As for the basketball aspect, Watson said he expects that to continue to develop in the latter half of the season.

But he was more proud of his team reaching its academic goals it set at the beginning of the year.

“We are not where we want to be on the court, we are getting there, but I prefer the excellence in academics,” he said.

“This is a great school, great crop of basketball players. I think we are top five in the nation and we will be there at the end of the season.”

The team was also gifted with new uniforms and warm-up jackets for their accomplishments.

Christian Manace was named the team captain and credited assistant coach Tiffany Wildgoose as one of the main reasons behind his academic turnaround.

“It felt really good because coach trusts me and puts the pressure on me to make sure the guys get to practice on time, we warm up, we’re doing things the right way and I accept that role,” he said.

“When I was in 10th and 11th grade I always got bad grades and had a low GPA, but thanks to Ms Wildgoose, she’s been a big help, had me in my books and had me studying to get to the level where I’m at right now,” Manace told Tribune Sports.

Assistant captains were Haywood Seymour and Rickey Moxey.

Moxey, who transferred from the private school sector, said the study hall has changed the tone of the team.

“It’s great to be recognised for this and we are thankful for the work we put in this first semester. Coming to the GSSSA coming from BAISS it’s tougher competition on the court but we work hard in the classroom too,” he said. “Study hall helps us alot to catch up with what we may not have done in class and gives us time to really focus on our work and not face other distractions so it has been good.”

The GSSA season resumed this week and concludes in February.