Darville: Brennen treated unfairly


Dr Delon Brennen

PROGRESSIVE Liberal Party COVID-19 task force co-chair Senator Dr Michael Darville has criticised Free National Movement Chairman Carl Culmer for criticising Deputy Chief Medical Officer Dr Delon Brennen.

Dr Brennen, pictured, told The Tribune this week he did not know why some Family Islands have remained closed to normal commercial activity despite the absence of a single COVID-19 case, saying such decisions were made at a level above that of Ministry of Health officials.

Mr Culmer, in an interview with Our News on Wednesday, criticised Dr Brennen's statement.

Dr Darville said in response: "I watched with amazement an interview in the media by the chairman for the FNM as he attacked the work and credibility of a public servant Deputy Chief Medical Officer Dr Delon Brennen.

"Dr Brennen and (Dr Nikkiah Forbes) responded honestly to questions put to them by the media regarding the reasons COVID-free Family Islands such as Exuma, Eleuthera and San Salvador remained closed to commercial activities while others were opened. It must be noted that these questions from the media were posed to both doctors precisely because the prime minister/minister of health has refused to make himself available to the media to answer clarifying questions related to the issue when he made the announcement several days ago.

"The FNM chairman should have addressed this media concern with the prime minister/minister of health instead of engaging in open dialogue with the press. At a time when all Bahamians are dealing with the implications of the pandemic and in search of answers, the prime minister has chosen instead to only read prepared speeches to the public rather than engaging Bahamians through the media.

"The truth is that the revelation by Dr Brennen proved to be a political embarrassment to the FNM government because the prime minister repeatedly told Bahamians that his executive decisions were driven by the advice of the health professionals.

"...The problem or fault is not the doctor Mr Culmer - the problem is your boss who is not being forthright with the Bahamian people. The solution there is not in the stars Mr Culmer - the solution is in the mirror," Dr Darville said.