‘Cudas’ win as swimmers make a splash


Senior Sports Reporter


Despite the chilly weather conditions yesterday, the ninth annual LENO Barracuda Invitational Swim Meet turned out to a successful event at the Betty Kelly Kenning Swim Complex.

Host Barracuda won the two-day meet with a total of 1,285.50 points, well ahead of second lace finishers Mako Aquatics Club, who had 734. The Blue Waves Swim Club got third with 542. The Alpha Aquatics was fourth with 463; Lyford Cay Swim Club was fifth with 206.

The visiting Turks and Caicos Aquatics, still in town with their four member team, got sixth with 180, while the unattached swimmers combined for 165. The Mantas Swim and Water Polo club was eighth with 121.50 and the Sea Waves Aquatic rounded out the field with 64 points.

Former swimmer Cameron Bruney, now in his second year as the head coach of the Barracudas, said the meet was a tremendous success, despite the change in the weather on Sunday.

“We still had a good meet regardless,” he said. “I think the club had an all-around good performance. I won’t want to single anyone out. We had swimmers qualified for Nationals, CARIFTA and someone for CCCAN, so we had a pretty good meet overall.”

Looking at the performances from all of the clubs, Bruney said the swimmers all really adjusted to the change in weather and made it an exciting meet.

Based on their performances, the following swimmers achieved the high point trophies in their respective age groups.

Girls division

8-and-under - Mako’s Taylen Nichols won with 41 points. The runner-up was Isabella Munroe of Mako with 34 points. Leniah Hamilton of the Turks and Caicos was third with 29.

9-10 - Christin-Alyssa Clarke of the Barracudas took the title with 42. Her team-mates Alissa Ferguson was the runner-up with 30 and Madyson Julien had 35 for third place.

11-12 - Trinity Pratt of the Barracudas got the win with 51 points. Her team-mate Madison Gilbert was the runner-up with 40. Third place went to Quiana Bain of the Blue Waves with 36.

13-14 - Kyana Higgs of the Barracudas was the winner with 52. Alpha’s Leylah Knowles and Maria Fox were the runners-up with 32 apiece.

15-and-over - Grace Farrington of the Barracudas took the title with 36. Keianna Moss of Mako was the runner-up with 32 and Chyme Higgs of the Barrucada’s was third with 31.

Boys Division

8-and-under - Kriston Rolle of the Blue Waves emerged as the champion with 46 points. His team-mates Nyhle Lightbourne was the runner-up with 34 and Torion Turner had 24 for third place. 9-10 - Barracuda’s David Singh won with 54 points. He was followed by Blue Waves’ Christon Joseph with 48 and third place finisher Noel Morada from the Barracuda’s with 47.

11-12 - Dijon Simmons of the Blue Waves was the winner with 49. Lenin Hamilton of the Turks and Caicos took the runner-up spot with 47 and Will Farrington of thed Barracuda’s was third with 39.

13-14 - Tajhari Williams of the Turks and Caicos came out on top with 41, one ahead of Matthias Simms of the Barracuda’s, the runner-up with 40. Caleb Ferguson of Alpha was third with 36.

15-and-over - Msanaa Bosland and Emmanuel Gadson, both of the Barracuda’s, shared the top honors with 32. Third place went to Reis Knowles, also of the Barracuda’s, with 29.50.

While the Carifta Games have been postponed over the Easter holiday weekend, there were a number of qualifiers during the meet.

Girls segment

Lyford Cay’s Delaney Mizell in the 15-and-over 50m freestyle 28.15, surpassing the standard of 28.30.

Barracuda’s Rhanishka Gibbs (2:53.70) and Alpha’s Maria Fox (3:05.15) in the 13-14 200m breaststroke, both dipping under the standard of 3:05.60. Gibbs (1:18.09) and her Mako team-mate Tia-Isabella Adderley (1:24.62) both surpassed the 13-14 standard of 1:24.92 in the 200m breaststroke. Gibbs got her third qualifying time of 35.89 in the 50m breaststroke, surpassing the standard of 38.56.

Alpha’s Zaylie-Elizabeth Thompson swum 2:36.18 to surpass the 15 and over 200m IM’s qualifying time of 2:40.10. She came back and did it in the 200m freestyle in 2:17.58 to surpass the standard of 2:17.59.

Mako’s Rayven Ward clocked 32.36 in the 11-12 50m butterfly to surpass the standard of 32.80.

Barracuda’s Kyana Higgs did 5:44.91 in the 13-14 400m IM to surpass the standard of 5:54.59.

Barracuda’s Grace Farrington did 2:41.14 in the 15-and-over 200m backstroke to surpass the standard of 2:44.28.

Boys segment

Alpha’s Caleb Ferguson, in the 13-14 50m freestyle, did in 26.08, improving on the standard of 26.25. He also did it in the 200m freestyle in 2:09.51, surpassing the standard of 2:09.60.

Barracuda’s Emmanuel Gadson did a time of 2:40.83 in the 15-and-over 200m breaststroke to match the standard of 2:41.17.

Mako’s Anish Roy clocked 2:42.63 to surpass the 11-12 200m IM’s qualifying time of 2:44.06.

Luke Thompson, competing unattached, did 2:16.72 in the 15-and-over 200m IM to surpass the standard of 2:20.77. He also did it in the 100m butterfly, surpassing the standard of 1:00.26 with his time of 58.15.

Mako’s Ian Pinder did 26.19 in the 15-and-over 50m butterfly to surpass the standard of 26.98.

Alpha’s Mark-Anthony Thompson did 1:09.25 to surpass the 15 & Over 100m breaststroke qualifying time of 1:11.20.

Mako’s Amauri Bonamy clocked 31.03 to surpass the 13-14 50m backstroke time of 31.32.

Caden Wells, competing unattached, had to go under 33.98 in the 13-14 50m breaststroke and he did it in 33.54.