More BPL blackout misery

BAHAMAS Power and Light Company has blamed an issue at its Blue Hills station for an electricity outage that hit numerous communities yesterday.

While the power provider said service restoration would come in about two hours, there were many customers who reported weathering the extreme heat without service for longer periods of time – in some instances for over five hours.

Some customers also questioned whether the issue could be attributed to load shedding.

Areas affected included Millennium Gardens, Little Blair, Fox Hill, High Vista, Mount Vernon, Kool Acres, Pinewood Gardens and Garden Hills #3 among others.

“Due to an issue at the Blue Hills station, a number of customers have had their service interrupted,” BPL wrote on its Facebook page. “We apologise for the inconvenience and are working diligently to resolve the issue. We estimate two hours for restoration. Thank you for your patience.”

Scores of BPL customers registered their frustration with the energy supplier on the company’s facebook page.