‘How does Minnis know poll count?’


PLP chairman Fred Mitchell.

THE Progressive Liberal Party has called on the Parliamentary Commissioner and the Commissioner of Police to examine Prime Minister Dr Hubert Minnis’ claim that he has been informed his party won last week’s advanced poll.

“Advance poll ballots are counted on the date of the general elections,” PLP chairman Fred Mitchell said in a statement.

“Dr Minnis is suggesting that the Parliamentary Commissioner and the Commissioner of Police have failed in carrying out their duties and are in breach of the election laws to have had the advance poll ballots tampered with or illegally tallied.

“We call on the Parliamentary Commissioner and the Commissioner of Police to protect and safeguard the integrity of their offices by informing the nation that Dr Minnis has misled the Bahamian people and the world with regards to any advance poll results.”

He added: “A desperate Dr Minnis wants voters throughout the country to think he has the majority of electoral support.

“The Bahamian people want Dr Minnis and the FNM gone.”

While in Cat Island on the weekend, Dr Minnis told supporters he had been “reliably informed” his party won the advanced poll.

“And I know on Thursday we will take the rest – and Cat Island is ours,” he said.

In a separate statement, Mr Mitchell also said Dr Minnis’ recent promise of tax breaks for first-time homeowners if his party is re-elected will not sway voters.

“Tax cuts for new homeowners are among the other loads of promises Dr Minnis is making just days before the general election. The empty promises will not work this time. “Dr Minnis and the FNM have yet to deliver on the many promises they made during the 2017 election campaign. Bahamians are not fools,” Mr Mitchell said.