Safety protocols announced for election day

THE Parliamentary Registration Department announced yesterday the health and safety protocols it plans to utilise on Election Day in collaboration with the Ministry of Health.

The department said election workers were encouraged to be vaccinated or at least have begun the vaccination process.

Additionally, all voters, poll workers and election agents are required to always wear a face mask while in the polling station. These masks should cover the nose and mouth properly. Face shields will be distributed to election staff/poll workers for additional protection.

Officials also said campaigners must not be allowed on the premises — inside or outside the gate — within 100 yards of the polling place.

Each polling site must contain a register of all poll workers. This register will consist of their full name, shift times and contact numbers.

The statement noted hand sanitising stations will be available throughout the polling site, especially upon entry to polling divisions and individual workstations should be at a distance of three to six feet.

The minimal classroom size to be utilised is 30 feet x 25 feet. Where possible larger rooms will be used and surface areas within large ballot booths and pencils will be sanitised throughout the day.

Additional sanitisation will be carried out in classrooms before and after Election Day.

The protocols state that each location used as a polling site and the allocated rooms utilised as a polling division should have the advantage of natural ventilation with opened doors and windows to allow for airflow.

Lastly, all rooms and walkways outside of the rooms should have clear markings on the floor three to six feet apart.