Silence over energy offer ‘downright rude’


Tribune Business Reporter

A CHAMBER of Commerce executive yesterday said it was “downright rude” for the Government not to have replied to a proposal seeking to transform the Bahamian energy sector.

Debbie Deal, head of the Chamber’s energy and environment division, told Tribune Business that the lack of response from government ministries to qualified bidders is “typical” but not the way The Bahamas should treat professionals.

Decrying the absence of a response from the Bahamas Investment Authority (BIA) to WMS Holdings submission of its energy overhaul proposal, Ms Deal said: “How long does it take for them to get around to doing anything? At least they should say that they have acknowledged receipt of the document.

“If I were the Prime Minister and I had received a proposal like that, I would have sent that down to the minister of works and then down to the board at BPL and acknowledge receipt of the proposal…… That’s what I would do. I would not ignore people. It’s just downright rude.”

Ms Deal was reacting to a full-page advertisement yesterday by WMS Holdings Ltd, which alleged that after 570 days it has not received an acknowledgement that its“competitive and comprehensive” proposal to the BIA was received.