EDITORIAL: Too late the hero, Mr Davis

FIRST, the good news – gas prices are starting to fall globally and The Bahamas will see the benefit from that.

Now for the extra good news… Prime Minister Philip “Brave” Davis is finally riding to the rescue? Too late the hero, with gas prices already tumbling, but now Mr Davis is saying that the government might reduce fuel taxes to bring relief.

All well and good, sir, but where was that relief when people were feeling the pinch the hardest?

It’s almost as if now that people can start to feel better about things, he wants to show up on the scene with a smile on his face to say look what I did, when in truth he did nothing.

We said in this very column there was little he could do about the spiking prices – it was just a factor of the global increase. The same happened across in the US, with people blaming President Joe Biden for something that was nothing to do with him. Nor did he deserve particular credit when the prices came down.

Not content with seeking to be associated with good news over gas prices, Mr Davis also claims he has lived up to promises made to nurses and teachers.

This comes despite teachers threatening to hold industrial action for the first day of school, and matters remaining unresolved with nurses.

Now an industrial agreement is being signed today with the Bahamas, Educators, Counselors and Allied Workers Union – but the deadline set by the Bahamas Union of Teachers sailed past with no sign of a deal being done.

BUT president Belinda Wilson said last month that “the government has had ample notice. They’ve had sufficient time for us to conclude and sign off on a full agreement”.

So as much as Mr Davis may be proclaiming victory, it would appear it might be before the battle is over.

If he has lived up to his promises as he has said, we can rest assured there will be no action from either teachers or nurses. Of course, if he hasn’t, we are sure there will be a response from the appropriate unions in short order. Which do you think will be the case?

Gold medal

Congratulations to long jump Commonwealth gold winner LaQuan Nairn.

It was a groundbreaking moment – the first Bahamian man to win the long jump gold.

He said: “It’s just an awesome feeling. I can’t believe that I am the first Bahamian male to win a Commonwealth Games long jump gold medal. So it’s so unreal. It’s such a special moment for me and for The Bahamas.”

Nairn’s name goes on an impressive list of athletes who have shone for our nation – and he has his sights set on greater success, with the national record his next target.

He said of his gold: “I just knew that this is my night. I predicted it and God gave me the ability to accomplish the feat.”

Each time one of our athletes succeeds it is an encouragement to others. Nairn will inspire others to follow in his rather large footsteps – and we salute him for his success.