‘90 taxi plates are inactive’



THE Ministry of Transport and Housing has revealed some 90 taxi plates are inactive.

In an update to the public the ministry said that the publication of a public notice by the Road Traffic Department was a proactive decision to bring about order and accountability to the registration and disruption of taxi plates.

The ongoing efforts to end the renting of taxi plates is in support of the government’s decision to modernise the transportation sector in the country, the ministry said.

“Against this backdrop, the process has begun for dormant or rented plates to be recalled,” the statement said. “It is the government’s policy that re-issued plates must be under the control of the persons who operate the business. The practice of renting taxi plates must end.”

For decades, many individuals have been unable to own taxi businesses as licences have been under the control of a small group of people; in particular those who inherited plates, it was also noted.

The ministry also advised members of the public that the lifting of the moratorium on the issuance of new taxi plates was not executed in secret.

“Consultations were held with numerous stakeholders-including the Bahamas Taxi Cab Union, with a view to achieving the government’s goal - the modernisation of the transportation sector, “the ministry said.

Transport and Housing Minister Jobeth-Coleby Davis has previously stated that her ministry had recently handed out 280 new plates.