Federation names teams for 44th Chess Olympiad in India

THE Bahamas Chess Federation has announced its teams for the 44th Chess Olympiad 2022 in Chennai, India.

The event is scheduled to be hosted July 28 to August 10 and will feature more than 100 teams from around the world.

For the open section team, GM Renier Gonzales will serve as captain of the team which includes:

  1. FM Cecil Moncur
  2. CM Kendrick Knowles
  3. WFM Polina Karelina
  4. Dr Kenville Lockhart
  5. Noah Albury

For the women’s team, Dr Joseph Ferguson will serve as captain to lead the following women:

  1. WCM Antoinette


  1. WCM Daijah Johnson
  2. Nelissa Thomas
  3. Jayla Cargill
  4. Chika Pride

“We have picked the team, booked the flights and secured training from a high-rated international grandmaster, but we need your support,” said BCF second VP Curtis Pride Jr.

“Support The Bahamas Chess Olympiad team by going to the Aliv Together Bahamas Chess Federation campaign page.”

The two youngest members of the team are Noah Albury (Open Team) and Chika Pride (Female Team).

Noah is the youngest Bahamian player to qualify for the Open Team. Chika is the youngest Bahamian ever to qualify for the Chess Olympiad.

“I am excited that The Bahamas Chess Federation will be attending another Olympiad. As a veteran of three Olympiads, two as a player and one as a delegate, the Olympiad experience is a once in a lifetime one. It is a great honour to represent one’s country at the Chess Olympiad,” said BCF treasurer Elton Joseph.

“Only 10 people from any country regardless of the country’s population can compete in an Olympiad every two years.

The Chess Olympiad experience involves living away from home for about two weeks, having roommates with differing opinions, trying new foods, morning and nightly training, five to six hours competing and, most importantly, finding a way to stay healthy.”

Tim Munnings, the director of sports said: “Congratulations to the competitors for qualifying for The Bahamas Chess Olympiad team. I join all in calling for corporate Bahamas to support The Bahamas Chess Federation and all other sporting organisations.

“I call on corporate Bahamas to put some skin in the game.

“We all like to celebrate our athletes when they come home but there is so much more that we as Bahamians can do.”