Four accused of stealing


Tribune Court Reporter

FOUR men were arraigned in a Magistrate’s Court yesterday on two separate charges of stealing.

Twins Jarrad and Jamal Morley, 33, appeared before Assistant Chief Magistrate Carolyn Vogt-Evans on charges of stealing and receiving.

On June 15 on Gladstone Road, the accused reportedly stole copper wiring and four inverter refrigerating compressors from a Baha Mar facility.

In court, both Morleys pleaded guilty to the charge, but with an explanation.

The accused admitted to removing the items, but claimed that they had permission to do so. They said they had been permitted to do scrapping work at the facility for months.

These claims were summarily refuted by the prosecution that indicated that no one in Baha Mar had given the pair permission to take away those items.

The prosecution explained that not only were the accused not on any of the official logs granting them access to the property, but that copper was falling out of their pockets during their arrest and not at the back of the facility as they had claimed.

It was also noted that Jamal had a previous conviction in 2016 for housebreaking and stealing.

In view of this, the magistrate withdrew the receiving charge and convicted both men of   stealing. While Magistrate Vogt-Evans initially sentenced them to serve eight months, she was convinced to reduce the sentence to four months when the accused begged her to go easy on them so that they can provide for their young children.

The Morley twins were told that they have within seven days to appeal the court’s sentence.

The second pair of men, Dennis Ingraham, 26, and Hugh Bowe, 29, were before Magistrate Shaka Serville charged with stealing and damage.

On June 11 at Devonshire, West Bay Street, they were accused of stealing a $700 Milwaukee Impact Drill, a $500 Kriever inverter, a $400 half inch tool set and $200 worth of assorted tools from Humphrey Simmons.

Furthermore, in the act of stealing these items from Simmons’ black 2007 Ford Ram 4x4 truck, they caused $500 damage by breaking the passenger glass on the right side of the truck.

In court, both accused pleaded not guilty to the charges.

With no objections to bail from the prosecutor, the magistrate granted the accused $5,000 bail with one or two sureties.

Under the conditions of their respective bails, Ingraham was to be fitted with an ankle monitor, while Hugh Bowe is expected to sign in at Carmichael Police Station every Friday. However, whenever Bowe is in Marsh Harbour he has to sign in at the local station on Tuesdays and Fridays.

Their trial is set for September 7.