UPDATED: Traffic fatality on Paradise Island Bridge



POLICE are investigating a traffic fatality that occurred on the eastern Paradise Island bridge on Tuesday night.

According to reports, shortly after 10pm police were alerted to a traffic accident involving a vehicle and a pedestrian.

“Officers were dispatched and on their arrival, they found a Caucasian male lying in the south bound lane unresponsive,” police said in a statement yesterday.

“Emergency Medical Services Technicians visited the scene. Following their examination of the body, they concluded that there were no signs of life.”

 Initial investigations revealed that a driver of a truck was travelling south on the old Paradise Island bridge when he felt an obstruction.

 “Moments later he discovered that he had struck a male pedestrian. The coroner was apprised of the facts relating to this incident,” police said.

 A video circulating on social media is thought to be connected to the incident, however, police have not confirmed that as yet.

 In the video, the driver of a jeep is seen travelling south on the old Paradise Island bridge when they appear to drive over what is seen to be a lifeless body.

 A vehicle that followed then came to a complete stop as the body lay in front of it.

 Police said they are awaiting an identification by the next of kin to confirm the victim’s identity, as well as an autopsy report to confirm the exact cause of death.

 Investigations are continuing, police said.

 Police appealed to members of the public who may have information that can assist with this investigation to contact the Criminal Investigations Department at 502-9991 or the nearest police station.