Woman living in bus 'was not squatting'


Tribune Staff Reporter


A WOMAN, who was given 14 days notice by the government to vacate Crown Land in the Bacardi Road area, says she is not squatting. She said government was aware that she was living in the area.

In a Facebook post, the woman seemed to take issue with the publicity her situation has received and labelled a recent visit by officials as “political”.

National Security Minister Wayne Munroe last Friday issued the warning to vacate, saying no one will be allowed to own land that belongs to the government.

A few days later, a team from the Department of Social Services, including its minister Obie Wilchcombe, visited the area and spoke to the woman.

It came after she and her family were discovered living in a large yellow school bus at the National Pine Forest following a ride along in the area by officials, including Mr Munroe and the Royal Bahamas Defence Force.

“Listen to me, I’ve been good doing everything on my own, never asked for any hand out from social services, nor from no people because of this same reason: people using your struggle for a story or making it seem as if they helping or doing a good deed,” the woman said in a Facebook post.

“I’m not squatting. I’ve applied and did all the proper procedure for the land and got a response. People just intend to go with whatever the media speak and run (with) it.

“I was never ashamed of (where) I’m living and how I’m living. It just was no one’s business. I’ve made the best out (of) my situation and go to any extent to make sure my kid is comfortable. I push very hard to make sure my struggle is never her struggle, but yet people putting me down for making my situation work or making the best out of my situation.”

The post continued: “But if I had come here begging!!!! People would of say (you’re) a healthy adult go find work. I just don’t get it I never went to social services for any help whatsoever, these people came to me talking ‘bout no cameras cause they wanna feel my heart, but still posted pictures.

“I don’t know when the Bahamian people are going (to) see this is not about me living in a bus nor the wellbeing of me (and) my child situations.

“It is all political because the government been aware of me being in the back of here. It’s impossible (for) the big yellow school bus to go unnoticed. I’m Bahamian just fighting and standing for what is mines.

“Don’t believe the lies that the government officials trying to feed the public. It’s a fight for the land to be (sold) to foreigners for a lot (of) money for people with money to hit little white balls.

“I just got caught and used as a charity case (to) make themselves look good.”