88 UPS units donated to Ministry of Education and Technical and Vocational Training



PRECISION Power Solutions Limited yesterday donated 88 UPS units to the Ministry of Education and Technical and Vocational Training.

Michael Turnquest, the company’s chief operating officer, said he hopes to continue fostering relationships with the Ministry of Education.

“We think that in the education system, especially the computer labs, you need computers that are up and running at all times,” Mr Turnquest said yesterday. “We have students who cannot lose data at any point and time. This is why we found it fitting to partner with the Ministry of Education today and make this happen.”

Mr Turnquest encouraged corporate Bahamas to partner with the government in hopes of bringing about change.

Education Minister Glenys Hanna Martin, who was present, expressed her gratitude for the donation in the education sector.

“I just want to put on the record that we are very grateful and that it is only through the global involvement of all stakeholders that we can have a successful and fragile education system,” she said.

She urged corporate partners to move beyond the singular objective of profits and understand the importance and the integrated necessity of helping to build education in the country.

According to Mrs Hanna Martin the UPS units will be distributed to schools in both New Providence and the Family Islands.

She also spoke to the issue of testing students to glean the extent of learning loss, which occurred during the COVID-19 as students were forced into virtual learning.

Previously she said the testing would occur this month.

When asked by reporters yesterday about the issue, the minister said: “I am advised that it will be during this month, we have already lost early October.

“The recommendation has been made by the committee for the entity that will lead the charge for us and that has to go to Cabinet for ratification once that is done, we are preparing to have that before Cabinet shortly, if and when there is ratification we will roll out,” she also added.

She said officials were hoping to test students individually; however, she is waiting to be guided by those who will undertake the exercise to provide additional details.