‘There’s been no final decision’ on RCI PI Project

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YOUTH, Sports and Culture Minister Mario Bowleg says Cabinet has not approved Royal Caribbean International’s Paradise Island project.

His comment was in response to Glenys Hanna Martin’s vocal opposition to the project, which critics say breaks the procedure that ministers present a united front on Cabinet decisions.

“There’s been no final decision made on that deal, so I don’t even know why it’s up for discussion right now,” Mr Bowleg said before a Cabinet meeting yesterday. “It’s again a deal that is in the making and when the final decision is made those responsible for that will make the notation on what it will be.”

 Prime Minister Phillip “Brave” Davis has said he expects ground to be broken on the project “almost immediately”.

 Likewise, Deputy Prime Minister Chester Cooper, responding to Mrs Hanna Martin, said last week: “My only comment is that Cabinet approved the RCI project.”

 Critics may see Mr Bowleg’s comment as the latest attempt to soften the Davis administration’s position on the project, the approval of which has sparked complaints from Atlantis and environmentalists.

 An Office of the Prime Minister’s press statement over the weekend referred to a “draft deal” for the project.

 Mr Bowleg said Mrs Hanna Martin has not broken Cabinet procedures.

 “Glenys Hanna Martin, as each and every one of us as Bahamian citizens, has rights on our own opinion,” he said.

 “And as a member of the Cabinet, you know, we all support each other and Glenys Hanna Martin is one who also supports us and everything we do and say.

 “At the end of the day, she said what she said and the Cabinet supports her on her personal views. But again, the decision, like I say, has not been made on this matter, finalised.

 “And when that happens, the minister responsible, which is the Deputy Prime Minister and the Prime Minister, will make mention of what the decision will be. And whatever the decision would be, I assure you the Cabinet will support it.”

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